Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today's update

So I was a little disappointed with how tired I was today. Yesterday morning I'd felt pretty good and I'd been hoping to improve upon that, but today...not so much.

The orthodontist's office called about Jake's appointment today, and my blood froze. Crap was I missing the appointment right now? But thankfully, she calling to ask if we could change it from 5:40 to 5:00. And since 5:00 had not happened yet, I wasn't late! So that worked out. And also -


Doctor swooped in, looked at his teeth, asked if he was wearing the retainer at night (yes), and told him to stop wearing it immediately because those two teeth that hadn't come in yet that are currently big gaping holes in his tooth line and causing him to be self conscious are NOW coming in! Woohoo! (Anyone remember the Worst Ortho Appointment Ever? And wow, it was almost exactly a year ago!)

I also spent a good part of the day picking out new stones for the healing stone bracelets, because I'm starting to run out of them. This took much planning and comparing and purchases from three sources, because I don't like to use chips or faceted beads but I like to minimize the use of round, regular shaped beads, so it takes a lot of research to find more 'natural' and irregular shaped beads, for the look I'm going for with these bracelets.

I'm also kind of stupid today (you know, my decreased mental acuity). Not sure if it's the meds or what. Takes a while to organize my sentences when speaking, and my spelling is sucking more than usual. And when we went to the grocery store just to pick up bread and a few things for Jake's lunches, I lost all control and bought things like frozen appetizer assortments and chocolate cake and a tiny little frying pan big enough for one egg that I REALLY didn't need but it's so cute because it's got a cute little cartoonish chick hatching out of it's egg on the handle. I DID draw the line at buying the matching whisk, though. I'm not made of money, you know!

And I've come to the conclusion that I've been extra-emotional for a couple weeks now. Not sure if it's the ruptured ovary or the meds or just being sick or what. And I know it's normal and ok to cry when your aunt dies but I feel like the tears are just dropping at the drop of a hat and I hope I can hold it together ok at the wake and funeral.

Oh, and the boy is HIlarious! His dad came to pick him up yesterday and asked me to fill out some stupid health form for Boy Scouts, and I loudly (not yelling) and repeatedly protested the need to fill out all this stupid stuff when we have the health form from the doctor and in the end I just wrote "see attached form" and attached the form. As I handed it to him, I said, "I had a ruptured ovarian cyst a couple weeks ago and we have a theory that it is making me a little more emotional than usual". At which point the boy immediately and dramatically clutched his dad's arm and loudly whispered, "Help me!" Even The Dad had to admit that was damned funny.


Anonymous said...

I feel guilty because I'm less tired today. We need to get coordinated.

Still sending prayers and big hugs to you for Aunt Cora. Weeping is cathartic and of course you are grieving...so weep away.

More hugs,

CosmicAvatar said...

The boy is just too witty for words. ;) And yay for a good ortho appointment!