Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 of 12 - December

Welcome to the Very Special Christmas Episode of 12 of 12!

1:05 pm, living room
My tree. We put it up yesterday, but wanted to let the branches fall before decorating it.
Ok, fine - I was too tired/lazy to decorate it yesterday.

1:10 pm, living room
While we were getting the tree yesterday, we got a poinsettia, too. Since they're poisonous to cats, I've never had one before. And I may never get to have one again.

1:15 pm, kitchen
French Toast. It was much yummier than it looks in the picture.

2:00 pm, living room
Today's coffee cup.

2:35 pm, living room
My new LED Christmas lights. I ♥ them so much.

3:22 pm, living room
Some of my new ornaments. Shiny!

5:18 pm, living room
This is not even the first space ship I have hung on my tree.

5:25 pm, living room
This is The Boy's Christmas stocking, which his grandmother cross-stitched for him when he was teeny-tiny.

6:00 pm, living room
The finished tree...

6:01 pm, living room
...and lit up.

6:15 pm, living room
Baby-girl's ornament. We miss her.

9:40 pm, living room
Some goodies I put together to share at work tomorrow.