Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12 of 12 - April

It's 12 of 12 time again! Ok, well, yesterday was 12 of 12 time. But it's perfectly ok to post it on the 13th. Really.

10:00 am, kitchen
Coffee! Yes, I slept very late today. The Boy went to school straight from his Dad's house, so I didn't have to get up this morning.

11:45 am, grocery store parking lot
Blossoms! I love spring. And it's finally sprung. :D

1:45 pm, front stairs
Going for my walk, need my tunage.

11:48 am, my street
Remnants of the recent flooding in the area.

1:52 pm, my street
Meh, power lines. But look at that beautiful sky!

2:05 pm, my street
I found this bird's nest. I don't know if it's occupied or not.

2:09 pm, my street
The beginnings of lilacs. :D

2: 12 pm, my street
Daffodils are one of my favorites.

2:15 pm, my street
I'm pretty sure these are tulips of some kind. But I don't know what they're called.

2:18, my street
I love the color of the forsythias.

8:30 pm, living room
Finally got around to fixing the lamp. Just needed the socket replaced.

11:30 pm, living room
Kitty has been mixing it up a bit, and waits for me before going to bed.
"Can we please go to bed now, mommy?"

No bonus today. I failed. Epically.


(Again, Bones is on. Bones just stated that the average male has between 11 and 20 erections a day.)

Boy: And the thing is, we can't control it at all.

Me: Well, I hear that's with teenagers, mostly. It just pops up and says 'hello' for no reason.

Boy: Oh, there's always a reason.

Scene from just now:

(The TV is on, and a character is watching themselves on a sex-tape. We don't see it, but we can sure hear it.)

Boy: What are you watching???

Me: Bones.

Boy: Don't you mean, 'Boners'?

Scene from yesterday:

(The Boy missed a lot of school last term due to illness. This rather cocked up his grades and he ended up with 3 Cs where he usually would have had As and Bs. He feels much worse about it than I could, so I'm not giving him a hard time. He was, however, very nervous to show his report card to Dickface.)

Boy: Mom, couldn't you, maybe, change the grades on my report card so Dad doesn't have to know?

Me: Literally, can I change them and fake a document? Absolutely. But morally? No, hun, we can't do that.

Boy: Aw...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking a break

I'm going to take a little break from LollyBeads. Just as soon as I figure out how to suspend the site. I just really haven't been feeling it lately. And it's getting complicated, what with taxes and unemployment and all, and I don't feel like getting in trouble with The Man for something that's not even turning a profit.

If any of my friends would like anything, I will still be very happy to make it for you, just email me or PM me or whatever. :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why, hello there!

Remember that time when I said I was going to post here more? Yeah. I totally lied. Sorry.

I finished knitting all the projects for my family that I planned to give them at Easter. Not that they are Easter presents, as it is far too warm now for them to wear any of these things. But after I made the legwarmers for my niece, I felt I should give the boys something, too, so I made them hats. Then I thought I should give my sis something, so I made a scarf. Then I couldn't not bring anything for my parents, so I made my mom a scarf and my dad a hat. But poor dad got the short end of the stick as usual. I finished the scarf late Friday night, so I wasn't able to cast his hat on until Saturday morning. And after I'd gotten well into it I really had a feeling that it was too wide, but I didn't have any more time to start over. So my dad's hat kind of sucks. My mom insisted that it's just the way his head is. She's so mean to him! I promised him I'd make him another.

But everyone else's stuff came out nice, and I even brought an extra scarf I made just in case my nephew's girlfriend came, and good thing I did, because she did. So I gave her one, too.

Jess' legwarmers

Joey's hat

Mikey's hat

Susan's scarf

Ma's scarf

Andrea's scarf

Didn't even take a picture of dad's hat. It's that bad.

In other news, I had my physical last week or so. I was happy to be able to tell my doctor that I've lost 13 lbs since January, but unhappy to find out that my cholesterol is 207. He wants me to walk every day (which I should be doing anyway) to help the weight loss and help raise the 'good' cholesterol. We made a follow-up appointment for July, so that I will have to follow through and be good for the next four months.

Yesterday was Easter, and I stayed on my diet. Yay, me! Drove my mom CRAZY. She's not happy unless people are eating 500 different kinds of foods, and I refused to do so. She knows it's for my own good, so she was trying to accept 'no' as an answer. It's just hard for her. She is completely programmed to offer food, and lots of it, lots of variety, especially for holiday feasts. On top of my dietary restrictions, my sister no longer eats dairy (and probably some other stuff) because of her RA (she finds dairy inflames her joints more). Keeping track of what everyone can and cannot eat is driving my mom nuts. She wants to feed everybody!!!

I brought my low-carb candies with me, intending to stuff myself if I had to to help with my cravings of the actual yummy desserts, but I found I didn't even eat that many. I had to miss out on my Grammy's homemade ravioli (SO YUMMY), meatballs, green-bean casserole, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, trifle, brownies, cookies, cannolis and apple turnovers. I am going to go off of my diet for my birthday (when I plan to have Chinese food, preferably from Kowloon's, chocolate cake, and possibly donuts), and Christmas. If I cheat more often than that, it sets me back a lot, I lose a lot of time, get discouraged, get cravings again because of all the carbs in my system, and end up giving up all together. So no more cheating except twice a year. Once I am at my goal weight, I can revisit my daily diet and how often I can have goodies.

And in related news, I went for a walk today! The weather was so nice. I used my inhaler, grabbed my phone, keys and mp3 player, walked out my door, and walked down the street for 15 minutes. Then I turned around and walked home. My doctor wants me to walk an hour a day, but I think half an hour is a good starting point. And I didn't even feel like I was going to die when I was done! But I was sweaty and a bit winded, so I think that was a good distance for now. I plan to drive my car up that route later to see how far it actually was, mile wise. I'd be surprised if it were a mile.

Now if I can just keep walking. :D