Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 of 12 - August

It's time for 12 of 12 again! 12 of 12 is the creation of Chad Darnell.

Today we have a Special Guest Star in my 12 of 12. My niece, Jessica, is staying with us this week. She's attending a dance teaching class, which is around 50 miles from her home, but a lot closer to mine. It wasn't very practical for her mom (my sis) to drive her every day, especially when she has to work, so she's staying here, and I'm taking her to and from her classes. :D

6:50 am, kitchen
It wouldn't be morning without coffee. I have two coffee cups this morning. One's for the car.

6:55 am, living room
The Boy was noble and gave up his bedroom so Jess could have a comfortable place to stay. Here he is sleeping on the couch.

7:00 am, bathroom
Jess, getting ready for class.

7:15 am, on the road
What a lovely view this morning, huh? Garbage truck. Ick.

7:55 am, my car
Just finished dropping Jess off. She needed to be there by 8am. Due to traffic, we did not end up with much time to spare this morning!

9:30 am, kitchen
My breakfast: a salsa and cheese omelet.

I brought The Boy for a dental appointment at 1pm, but forgot to bring my camera. Feel free to picture him in the dentist's chair, getting x-rays and a cleaning.

These next few pictures are brought to you by I-wrote-3:45-down-for-today-but-now-that-I'm-here-I'm-told-that-class-doesn't-get-out-until-4:45-today. So I had an hour to kill, and NOTHING to do. I really wished I had brought my book.

3:48 pm, parking lot
I noticed that this hedge has been "repaired". I really wonder what happened to it.

4:12 pm, car
Here are my keys. Yeah.

4:32 pm, car
Look, I found a pistachio shell. I'm pretty sure it's left over from our Not So Excellent Adventure at the drive-in. Now YOU wish I'd brought my book, too, don't you?

4:50 pm, car
Finally! I've collected Jess, and we can go home. But look! She's got caaaaandy.

10:00 pm, my bedroom
But, mommy, I don't want my medicine!

10:21 pm, my bedroom
"Come to bed, M---" Oh, yeah. The cat hasn't been sleeping on the bed much these days. She's been hanging out on the bathroom floor. I think it's cooler there. But once I'm in bed, she'll usually come up for a while.