Monday, March 15, 2010

Yarn, Sewing, and Yarn

I've been knitting. I made hats for my nephews and legwarmers for my niece:

Yeah, that's Jake modeling the hats. Isn't his hair getting long? I would have asked him to model the legwarmers too, but he has hairy manly legs now. Not a good look with legwarmers, IMO. I'm not seeing the kids until Easter, so I'll give them to them then.

This weekend I made a needle-roll to hold my growing collection of knitting needles:

Today I received a package in the mail:

What? It was on sale.

And also today, I finally got BookGem!
Now I can knit while I read!

Tonight, I am working on a scarf in raspberry stitch:

That's about it, I think. Toodles!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 of 12 - March

Holy cow, this must have been the most boring day in recorded history. My apologies.

9:30 am, kitchen

10:00 am, living room
My latest knitting project, just a simple hat for my nephew.

10:35 am, living room
This is my new coffee table. It's GINORMOUS. But it's pretty and new and has a big shelf underneath which holds baskets full of Stuff and helps keep the room less cluttered. I <3 it.

10:36 am, living room
The bulbs I am forcing are doing well now. I had hoped I'd have blooms to show you by now, but not yet.

11:30 am, door to my apartment
The only way I can remember appointments, etc is to write big honking notes on the door. This one means that kitty has an appointment at the vet tomorrow.

12:30 pm, kitchen
Mapping out my next sewing project, which will be a knitting-needle roll.

12:35 pm, kitchen

2:30 pm, living room
Folding laundry. We apparently have an affinity for TV-MA Cartoons.

6:00 pm, kitchen
My supper, the "before" pic

6:25 pm, kitchen
The "after" pic. It was supposed to be chicken piccata but I didn't realize I was out of capers. So it's more of a lemon chicken. With asparagus.

10:30 pm, kitchen
Getting ready to medicate the cat. Half a pill for diabetes, and liquids for hyperthyroidism and a bladder infection.

11:20 pm, bedroom
"Come to bed, Mommy. And stop blinding me with that stupid flash!"


10:30 am, living room
new books on the coffee table

10:30 am, living room
new books on the coffee table