Saturday, March 13, 2010

12 of 12 - March

Holy cow, this must have been the most boring day in recorded history. My apologies.

9:30 am, kitchen

10:00 am, living room
My latest knitting project, just a simple hat for my nephew.

10:35 am, living room
This is my new coffee table. It's GINORMOUS. But it's pretty and new and has a big shelf underneath which holds baskets full of Stuff and helps keep the room less cluttered. I <3 it.

10:36 am, living room
The bulbs I am forcing are doing well now. I had hoped I'd have blooms to show you by now, but not yet.

11:30 am, door to my apartment
The only way I can remember appointments, etc is to write big honking notes on the door. This one means that kitty has an appointment at the vet tomorrow.

12:30 pm, kitchen
Mapping out my next sewing project, which will be a knitting-needle roll.

12:35 pm, kitchen

2:30 pm, living room
Folding laundry. We apparently have an affinity for TV-MA Cartoons.

6:00 pm, kitchen
My supper, the "before" pic

6:25 pm, kitchen
The "after" pic. It was supposed to be chicken piccata but I didn't realize I was out of capers. So it's more of a lemon chicken. With asparagus.

10:30 pm, kitchen
Getting ready to medicate the cat. Half a pill for diabetes, and liquids for hyperthyroidism and a bladder infection.

11:20 pm, bedroom
"Come to bed, Mommy. And stop blinding me with that stupid flash!"


10:30 am, living room
new books on the coffee table

10:30 am, living room
new books on the coffee table


Dogeared said...

I hate when you want to cook something and find you're missing an ingredient! Or when you really want something and can't be bothered with the effort of cooking it...

Great new coffee table, btw!

Jill said...

Oh good - I'm not the only one who uses "big honkin' notes" to remind myself to do things. :)

Poor kitty. Speedy recovery!

Eileen said...

I love that table!