Saturday, November 26, 2005

My cats have fleas...

and since they've been indoor cats for 8 years, the only possible explanation is that I gave them to them. Example

The last time I had to deal with fleas was probably a decade ago. It involved flea dips at the vet, bombing the house (when we got a bad problem) and regularly combing the cats with a flea comb. Today I went to the vet and got Advantage. Ain't technology grand? I squirt this stuff on the cats' necks, and it kills fleas and flea eggs and baby fleas for a month. So even if the cats get re-infested in the next few weeks from their bedding, etc, the Advantage will kill the new fleas, too, and eventually all the fleas will be destroyed. [insertmaniacallaughterhere] I got two months' worth of treatments. That ought to be enough.

Cool beans.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Birthday alert!

Years ago, when we all worked together and were all still married to our original spouses, my friends A and M and I would all be on birthday alert at the same time, because our spouses' birthdays are all in the same week and two days apart from each other. It was always handy to remind each other so no one would forget. A & I are both divorced now (M is still with his wife), but since we both have children who these ex's are the fathers of, we still need to remember their birthdays.

Just sent my annual 'birthday alert' email to A, and asked her to pass it on.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Mother is Insane, part 37

I'm at my parents house. The boy and I came here last night. This morning we were all having apple pie for breakfast, which I thought was great, because it's easy and not cooking and no mess, because there's enough cooking going on for Thankgiving Dinner today, why cook breakfast if you don't have to? The boy doesn't eat apple pie, so mom was offering him cereal, toast, etc...then she offers PANCAKES. I try to tell him no, don't make them cook this morning, but now it's too late, he wants the pancakes. But my mom doesn't cook them. She makes my dad cook them. And four times during breakfast she mentioned what kind of plates we were going to use, and was it ok.

Then she was in her bathrobe and said she needed to take her bath and could I please set the table? But the whole time I was setting the table she supervised. Like I can't set a table by myself. I kept telling her that the whole reason to ask someone else to do something for you is so that you can go on and do other things. Again and again. But still, she supervised. Then she had me climb up on a chair to reach in the china cabinet (yes, we are all hobbits), and kept asking me to reach this dish and that dish, but they were all too small (not really, just to her). For two hours she kept puttering around and saying she needed to take her bath, and kept deligating but still supervising, and puttering, instead of taking her bath. Now she's finally taken her bath. Just now she went upstairs to get dressed and my dad's getting in the shower, and she asked me to keep an eye on the turkey. I asked her where it was going to go.

She is completely insane but doesn't even know it. She takes a LOT of patience. I have a headache. Today is going to be so fun. [eyeroll]


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I can't decide whether this post's title should be 'Damn' or 'Yay!'

As previously mentioned, I cashed in on my credit card miles to get some lovely Mastercard gift cards and Amazon gift cards, to help with my Christmas expenses this year. My Mastercard gift cards came in a couple of weeks ago, and I've already used them up, mostly. When I ordered the Amazon cards, it DID say '4-6 weeks', but I was hoping for the best. I've picked a bunch of stuff for the boy on Amazon and I've been waiting for the gift cards to buy them. Anyhoo, I called the credit card co. today, and the woman could certainly see my order, but she could NOT tell me how soon they might ship out. It kind of sounded like at least two more weeks. I don't like ordering very late and cutting the recieving time so close, especially when it's all for the boy. I may very well have to order all his stuff before I receive the gift cards, and actually pay for the stuff -- which is the Damn part -- but then when I do receive the cards I will be forced to spend them on myself, on my ever-growing wish-list -- this is the Yay! part. I'm going to have to do some thinking about this...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Which Serenity character are you?

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Which Serenity character are you?
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quick update

Job: Boring, easy. Just filing so far. But I don't think I'd be up for a challenge anyway. Boring and easy is a good start. Quite a few other temps to talk to, and just about no supervision.

Me: Exhausted. The filing isn't particularly taxing, but I'm just very unused to getting up and out of the house all day. Each day is a little better. By next week I'm sure I'll be adjusted. See why boring and easy is a good start?

House: Horrid mess. See "Me", above.

Boy: Great. Got his report card, all grades ranging from A+ to B. Mostly A's. Perhaps a bit neglected this week, (see "Me", above) he hasn't had the most elaborate suppers so far this week. [blush] The last 3 days of this week are 'early release' school days. Got him into an afterschool program that transports him by bus (only for the days I need, ie: the early release days). Today was his first day there. Friends, sports, mookwalk, bingo. Had a great time. According to the boy, it's

Oops! Forgot to update shoulder: Bursa staying calm for now. Am icing both of them at least once a day, and taking care in how I move.

Cool beans.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Christmas list:

.In hand:
  • Nita (guardian angel in treasure box)
  • J&N (Pat's ornament and Pat's mug with snowman soup)
  • Amy (MagicScarf)
  • Sha (Yankee Candle set)
  • $$ for bigger nephew
  • $$ for grandmother
  • niece (Italian charms)
  • smaller nephew (Toys R Us gift card)

On hand for boy:

  • Harry Potter Wand
  • Aragorn
  • Wringwraith
  • Yugioh cards
  • stocking stuffers
  • Watch
  • Star Wars DVDs 1,2&3
  • Drake Bell cd
  • Encyclopedia Brown book

on order:

  • Game expansion thing for the boy's dad

Boy needs to get gifts for:
  • DAD (birthday!!!!!)
  • Dickface
  • Mimi
  • Papa
  • Auntie
  • Uncle

Need small gifts (snowman soup) for:

  • Teacher
  • student teacher
  • bus driver
  • J&N

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Needed to buy some clothes for my new un-unemployed state. It is with a heavy heart that I admit that I now officially have to shop the The Big Girls' Store. Example
The regular stores have bigger sizes, and they have petites, but they rarely have big sizes in petites. And I really need petites because otherwise the sleeves, neckline, waist of shirt, waist of pants and length of pants just do not work for me. A month or so ago I went to The Big Girls' Store to get 'interview' clothes, and found some really nice things there. Really nice, but a little more $$ than I'm used to spending. Anyhoo, went back there today, poured through the racks at the front half of the store twice, and was sad that I couldn't find anything I liked. Well, I did find some blouses that I liked, but they were very similar to the two blouses I'd bought the last time (and kind of pricy). I almost started to panic. If I can't find nice clothes to fit me here, where else am I going to go? Then, at the back of the store, I found a huge wall of clothes marked 40% off. And some of these were already previously marked down! Woo-hoo! I found FOUR tops, all that I like, all that fit, all suitable for work, and none too similar to what I already have. And I got all four for $56.00.

And I got a coupon for $25.00 off of a purchase of $50.00. Example
Which is fantastic, except it's only good for one particular week, a bit close to Christmas, and I HATE going to stores at that time. Way too crowded. But to get $50.00 worth of stuff for $25.00? No brainer.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh, God, I'm having withdrawls!

I've been feeling ok for the last few days, most of the week. I'm sure that's due to actually accomplishing something (ie: securing gainful employment). But yesterday there was a hint of downness. And today I've felt odd. Maybe anxious. Unable to concentrate. Unable to keep my brain still long enough to organize my thoughts. (Which might mean the same thing as 'unable to concentrate'.) I got very little done today. I thought maybe it was breathing paint fumes all day (they're painting the outside of the building.) Then I realized I haven't watched any Firefly in, like, two days. I must be jonesin.

I've just put on 'The Train Job'. Maybe I'll feel better soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Put one foot in front of the other...

I got a job!
It's through the temp agency, so it's not permanant, but it's sure a start. The hours are what I want, the pay's a wee bit less than I want (but that's ok) and it's going to last at least a month. I start Monday.

Yay, me!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Second step in the right direction

Went to my interview today. Actually, I prefer to call it an appointment, since the thought of an interview sends me into irrational panic, and is one of the reasons I decided to go the temp route, anyway. First I filled out a TON of paperwork. By that time I needed to pee but I didn't want to interrupt the process by having to excuse myself. So on we went to the Word, Excel and typing tests, and my bladder gave a little shudder when she told me I'd have 30 minutes for each section. Those Word and Excel tests are so cool! I did pretty well. I don't know everything about the programs, but I know quite a bit. I choked a bit on the typing test, even though I had two practice sessions. I know I can type 60 wpm, but with this test it was fifty-something with 6 errors, calculating down to 47 wpm. Oh well. No biggy. Then I spoke with the woman who is in charge of placing people in temp positions, and it went well. Then I talked to the woman who is in charge of finding permanent placements for people, and this went a little more like an interview, but it went very well. It got a little sticky but it turned out just fine. In my last job (the one from home) I didn't make much money, so she said she'd have a hard time asking employers for what I was asking for now, because they'll ask what I made at my last job. So I had to get into my personal situation a bit: I worked full time when I first had my son, then when we were laid off I was home with him for the first time and loved it. Then I got the opportunity to work for my old bosses, from home, part time, plus I had a fiance with a full time job, so I had the luxury to work for less money in these circumstances. She liked this explanation very much and was sure it would do the trick. BUT then she asked if I still had the other person with the income (which is relevent in that it explains why I need a higher paying job again), and I answered no. Before I could explain further she said, assuming we had broken up, and in the spirit of sisterhood I'm sure, "good, I hope you kicked the bum out!" To which I had to reply, "actually, he passed away". Could I mortify my interviewer MORE?? She felt terrible and could not stop apologizing, and I kept saying it was fine and I could have perhaps presented it a different way so that wouldn't have happened like that. All in all, it was fine. She did say that this information might be useful to show that I'm serious about needing a position and good pay, as I now am the main supporter of myself and my boy. She loved my resume for the content and it's presentation (which my Allie wrote for me but for which I took credit), said I had a lot of skills, and that when I went to a company they'd probably fall in love with me and want to keep me. Which is what I would love to happen. Then I left but I still had to pee, and I couldn't find a restroom in the building, so I had to rush home rather quickly.

I feel so bad for her though. She's probably still kicking herself.

Monday, November 7, 2005

A step in the right direction

Last week I applied on-line at a temp agency near my home. I meant to call them to follow up, but I've been feeling crappy and haven't done it.

Just now I was looking in the yellow pages for a gift shop, and I stumbled across an ad for the temp agency I used to work for, years ago. I hadn't really considered them this time, because I live much further from them now, and really want local work. But their ad just screamed at me in bold letters, "Serving the Rte (rte very near me) & Rte (rte also very near me) areas". It seemed to be waving it's arms and yelling, "hey, you've done this before, it won't be scary, and you are MUCH more skilled than the first time! Do it! Do it!" So before I lost my nerve, I called them and set an appointment to see them tomorrow morning! I just hope I can keep my mood up.

Go, me!

Sunday, November 6, 2005

My goodness,

haven't I been extremely talkative lately? Not just in this blog, but in comments in others' blogs. Yikes.


Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I love when I feel resourceful

With the having no job or income business, I've been a bit concerned about Christmas. My parents and sister and I have agreed that the adults will not exchange gifts this year, and we'll just get gifts for the kids. My main concern, of course, is my own boy, but I also need to get a little something for my nephews, niece, my grandmother, and Michael's mom, sis and niece. I've been selling stuff on the internet and trying to leave as much of the profits in the account, to save for Christmas needs.

In addition, I just looked into my 'reward points' for my 2 credit cards for the first time. Between the two cards, I can get $75.00 worth of gift certs to Amazon (where I do a lot of my shopping for the boy), and another $75.00 in Mastercard giftcard. Woo-hoo! That will really make a huge difference.