Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quick update

Job: Boring, easy. Just filing so far. But I don't think I'd be up for a challenge anyway. Boring and easy is a good start. Quite a few other temps to talk to, and just about no supervision.

Me: Exhausted. The filing isn't particularly taxing, but I'm just very unused to getting up and out of the house all day. Each day is a little better. By next week I'm sure I'll be adjusted. See why boring and easy is a good start?

House: Horrid mess. See "Me", above.

Boy: Great. Got his report card, all grades ranging from A+ to B. Mostly A's. Perhaps a bit neglected this week, (see "Me", above) he hasn't had the most elaborate suppers so far this week. [blush] The last 3 days of this week are 'early release' school days. Got him into an afterschool program that transports him by bus (only for the days I need, ie: the early release days). Today was his first day there. Friends, sports, mookwalk, bingo. Had a great time. According to the boy, it's

Oops! Forgot to update shoulder: Bursa staying calm for now. Am icing both of them at least once a day, and taking care in how I move.

Cool beans.


allison said...

Yay! for the boy!!! I am very proud.

As for your poor exhausted self, I totally feel your pain. I remember how ridiculously exhausting a full day of work was when I had to go back. You will get your stamina back. In the meantime, make mac 'n cheese. No child can resist it! [hug]

Jenn said...

Yeah, I know what you mean just about the stress of altering usual schedules and so on. But you are right, after the first week things start to shift and get easier.


Tom said...

No supervision sounds perfect (sleeeep)