Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Mother is Insane, part 37

I'm at my parents house. The boy and I came here last night. This morning we were all having apple pie for breakfast, which I thought was great, because it's easy and not cooking and no mess, because there's enough cooking going on for Thankgiving Dinner today, why cook breakfast if you don't have to? The boy doesn't eat apple pie, so mom was offering him cereal, toast, etc...then she offers PANCAKES. I try to tell him no, don't make them cook this morning, but now it's too late, he wants the pancakes. But my mom doesn't cook them. She makes my dad cook them. And four times during breakfast she mentioned what kind of plates we were going to use, and was it ok.

Then she was in her bathrobe and said she needed to take her bath and could I please set the table? But the whole time I was setting the table she supervised. Like I can't set a table by myself. I kept telling her that the whole reason to ask someone else to do something for you is so that you can go on and do other things. Again and again. But still, she supervised. Then she had me climb up on a chair to reach in the china cabinet (yes, we are all hobbits), and kept asking me to reach this dish and that dish, but they were all too small (not really, just to her). For two hours she kept puttering around and saying she needed to take her bath, and kept deligating but still supervising, and puttering, instead of taking her bath. Now she's finally taken her bath. Just now she went upstairs to get dressed and my dad's getting in the shower, and she asked me to keep an eye on the turkey. I asked her where it was going to go.

She is completely insane but doesn't even know it. She takes a LOT of patience. I have a headache. Today is going to be so fun. [eyeroll]



Jenn said...

Oh, pretend you are An Anthropologist sent to study these strange creatures called "YOrFamollee" - very very odd creatures, they can be.


Podgy said...

I think you and Lucretia should get your families together sometime. It would be a hoot!

I hope it was all very delicious!