Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I love when I feel resourceful

With the having no job or income business, I've been a bit concerned about Christmas. My parents and sister and I have agreed that the adults will not exchange gifts this year, and we'll just get gifts for the kids. My main concern, of course, is my own boy, but I also need to get a little something for my nephews, niece, my grandmother, and Michael's mom, sis and niece. I've been selling stuff on the internet and trying to leave as much of the profits in the account, to save for Christmas needs.

In addition, I just looked into my 'reward points' for my 2 credit cards for the first time. Between the two cards, I can get $75.00 worth of gift certs to Amazon (where I do a lot of my shopping for the boy), and another $75.00 in Mastercard giftcard. Woo-hoo! That will really make a huge difference.


jenn said...

I LOVE rewards! That is how I got some presents last year (movie passes for my sis and her fiance) and my sony MP3 player.

That is awesome!

Annika said...

Oh, yay! I have made a ton of stuff, and we made a list the other day of inexpensive things we can give people. The plan is to make little gift boxes for everyone, with several small gifts, mostly handmade, instead of one big store boughten thing. I think it will work well.

Anonymous said...

That's great news on the credit card rewards! I should look at changing mine, Natwest credit card (the one from my bank) gives me jack all.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I've just caught on on your Blog, the last half dozen or so entries. Had laptop problems and was busy this week.