Saturday, November 26, 2005

My cats have fleas...

and since they've been indoor cats for 8 years, the only possible explanation is that I gave them to them. Example

The last time I had to deal with fleas was probably a decade ago. It involved flea dips at the vet, bombing the house (when we got a bad problem) and regularly combing the cats with a flea comb. Today I went to the vet and got Advantage. Ain't technology grand? I squirt this stuff on the cats' necks, and it kills fleas and flea eggs and baby fleas for a month. So even if the cats get re-infested in the next few weeks from their bedding, etc, the Advantage will kill the new fleas, too, and eventually all the fleas will be destroyed. [insertmaniacallaughterhere] I got two months' worth of treatments. That ought to be enough.

Cool beans.


Min said...

Advantage is great... except for our cats.

Here's how it works:

Cats get fleas, we shell out money we don't really have for Advantage, they walk around with spikey neck hair for two days, they like each other's necks thoroughly to remove all traces of Advantage, they get fleas again quickly.

I'm assuming that the reason Advantage stays for a month is because a cat can't lick the back of its own neck? When cats use cooperation and lick the spot for one another, it doesn't work out.

Oh, and I say, "Stop it! It's poison! Can't you see it's poison?" And I pull them away from each other. At the soonest opportunity, they start licking again.

Wow. That was long. My main point was to say, I hope your cats aren't naughty like ours.

Lolly said...

Yeah, I think I'd want to bang my head against the wall a few times if they did that. I say you put the satellite dishes on all of their necks next time, just to teach them a lesson. (Well, and to laugh at them a bit.)

But my two cats mostly leave each other alone. I think if the little one licked the big one, he'd beat the hell out of her, and if the big one licked the little one, she'd assume she was going to be eaten and either run away or die of fright.

So I think I'm good there.

Min said...


(I'm glad you were able to figure out that our cats "lick" instead of "like." Grrr! Typos!!!)

Lolly said...

And you, a writer!

For shame!


Teresa (Scotland) said...

My baby had fleas a few months ago as well - what a lot of fun that was!! We had not done so much washing in a long time!! Couldnt cuddle my baby until Adrian had taken him to the vets for his shots - that was hard ..... we have fun once a month putting more of the flea stuff on his neck!!