Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 of 12 - December

Welcome to the Very Special Christmas Episode of 12 of 12!

1:05 pm, living room
My tree. We put it up yesterday, but wanted to let the branches fall before decorating it.
Ok, fine - I was too tired/lazy to decorate it yesterday.

1:10 pm, living room
While we were getting the tree yesterday, we got a poinsettia, too. Since they're poisonous to cats, I've never had one before. And I may never get to have one again.

1:15 pm, kitchen
French Toast. It was much yummier than it looks in the picture.

2:00 pm, living room
Today's coffee cup.

2:35 pm, living room
My new LED Christmas lights. I ♥ them so much.

3:22 pm, living room
Some of my new ornaments. Shiny!

5:18 pm, living room
This is not even the first space ship I have hung on my tree.

5:25 pm, living room
This is The Boy's Christmas stocking, which his grandmother cross-stitched for him when he was teeny-tiny.

6:00 pm, living room
The finished tree...

6:01 pm, living room
...and lit up.

6:15 pm, living room
Baby-girl's ornament. We miss her.

9:40 pm, living room
Some goodies I put together to share at work tomorrow.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 of 12 - November


5:40 am, kitchen
As usual, my morning coffee. And one for the road.

6:32 am, car
I am running late today. (But traffic was kind, and I only ended up being 5 minutes late...that's practically on-time!)

6:52 am, my car
Pretty sky, this morning. Even since we went back to Daylight Savings Time, it's been a bit light out for my morning commute. Much better than driving to work in the dark in the morning. :D

12:40 pm, break room
Lunch time. I've already eaten, but here's everything else I need for lunch: water, phone/music, knitting.

4:25 pm, car
Stopped to get a few things at the grocery store on the way home.

4:29 pm, car
And now the sun is going down.

4:32 pm, parking lot
Someone's throwing away a recliner. Anyone want it?

4:32 pm, parking lot
tree silhouette

7:20 pm, living room
The Boy, now with short hair!

8:25 pm, my room
Exactly two weeks ago, my poor old kitty finally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her very much. I got this very pretty urn for her ashes. She deserves something pretty.

9:18 pm, living room
My latest knitting project, a shrug for my niece.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12 of 12 - October

It's 12 of 12 time again!

5:06 am, kitchen
Good morning!

5:08 am, kitchen
My magic machine.

5:20 am, kitchen
Two lunches, ready to go into their bags.

5:22 am, kitchen
Coffeeeeeeeee! <3

5:22 am, kitchen
And one for the road...

6:24 am, my car
It is too freaking early for this.

6:29 am, my car
I love the whole squiggly-light effect.

10:32 am, break room at work
Book, snack, and knitting.

2:20 pm, restroom at work

4:18 pm, my car
I LOVE the foliage this time of year.

9:50 pm, living room
Charging my phone. Funnily enough, I have a pic of kitty with her laser eyes, so it looks like she's charging her lasers.

10:10 pm, kitchen
Time for kitty's meds.

Monday, September 13, 2010

12 of 12 - September - sort of

It's 12 of 12 time again! Problem is, I was WAY behind on my housework, and needed to do that for most of the day. That makes for boring pictures, so I spared you all.

You're welcome.

That means, however, that I only managed to capture eleven pictures of the day:

9:45 am, kitchen
Coffee, of course. It's the start of every day.
10:30 am, bedroom
One of my pieces of flair.
10:47 am, living room
Kitty is hanging out with me this morning.
12:15 pm, living room
My new knitting book. I'm very excited!
12:18 pm, living room
Timmy. Now pantsless.
12:20 pm, living room
Kitty is doing her best Bill the Cat impersonation today.
(Her pupils are two different sizes. I don't know what's causing it, but it's happened a few times now. As she is very elderly, I don't want her being poked and prodded by the vet too much. As long as she's acting fine and seems happy, we're just going to keep on keeping on.)
6:46 pm
This is my new phone. I'm in love.
7:10 pm, living room
My shopping list. I'll have to stop on my way home from work tomorrow.
7:15 pm, living room
Watching a DVD. Can you name the actor and show? Extra points for the episode.
7:20 pm, living room
Adding music to my MP3 player.
7:30 pm, kitchen
Dinner's ready. Quiche.

Friday, August 13, 2010

12 of 12 - August

Good grief, I haven't blogged in a month! *blush* Anyway, it's 12 of 12 time here we go:

5:25 am, living room
I had COMPLETELY forgotten it was the 12th! Good thing Chad had tweeted about it. And I checked my tweets.
5:28 am, living room
Since I'd forgotten, there's no shot of my coffee being poured. But here's today's cup, from one of my favorite games, Whack Your Boss.
6:05 am, bathroom
Frak. I dropped and broke my mirror. Guess we'll get started on the bad luck of Friday the 13th a day early!
6:52 am, ride to work
Going around a rotary, nearly at work
6:53 am, ride to work
train bridge
6:55 am, ride to work
pretty fountain :D
10:30 am, break room at work
Time for my break, these are my necessities
4:35 pm, ride home
Action shot! This fire truck was rushing by.
4:42 pm, pharmacy
Ok, cat had an appointment at her doctor's office on Wednesday. So on Tuesday night, I cut her nails, to make the visit easier on the doctor and staff. I've cut her nails a million times. At least. But this time, it went horribly wrong. Long story short, I'm here to pick up the antibiotics my doctor called into the pharmacy for me, for my bite wounds.
5:20 pm, bedroom
Here's my sweet kitty! For the record, I'm not upset with her for the biting. She's an old, cranky lady, and she didn't want her nails cut. I got careless and blame myself for the bites.
6:48 pm, bathroom
Here are the aforementioned bites. It should also be noted that I bruise like a peach, and this is not as bad as it probably looks.
7:30 pm, living room
Beads-that-will-soon-be-a-bracelet for my cousin Janine's baby, Isabella.
Shortly after the bracelet was completed, I fell asleep for the night.