Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 of 12 - January

It's 12 of 12 time again! For the new year, I thought I'd try to mix it up and not start each day with pictures my coffee and end with my cat in bed. But I kind of miss it, so I can't promise they won't crop up again.

6:36 am, kitchen
Up early to get The Boy off to school.

6:40 am, kitchen
Making a ham sammich for The Boy's lunch.

11:00 am, bedroom
Kitty has a doctor's appointment. She is not happy about it.

11:14 am, my car
Waiting for the light to change, to make a left turn to the vet's office.

11:22 am, vet's office
Waiting for the doctor. Sorry this is blurry, I had to make sure kitty didn't jump off the table and couldn't give proper attention to the shot.

11:23 am, vet's office
"Can't we go home yet? I don't want to be here!"

11:54 am, my car
When I first moved to this neighborhood, there was a red dot sticker on the deer crossing sign. The sign down the street in the other direction had one, too. I was sad when they replaced both signs with new ones that of course did not have the stickers on them. But within a week, the stickers were back! I love it. :D

12:10 pm, kitchen
This is my crack.

12:15 pm, bedroom
"I'm not speaking to you!"

2:03 pm, living room
I just unpacked and assembled my new Dyson! Isn't it pretty?

2:10 pm, living room
But what's up with the instructions? It's mostly just pictures, hardly any WORDS! When did companies start assuming we couldn't read?

11:50 pm, living room
Time to shut down the laptop and go to bed.

Recreating a shot of my winter-wonderland. Now, with less snow! I was not able to take this at the same time as last year's shot. This one was taken at sunset, and the original was in the morning.
January 12, 2009: