Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 of 12 - January

It's 12 of 12 time again! For the new year, I thought I'd try to mix it up and not start each day with pictures my coffee and end with my cat in bed. But I kind of miss it, so I can't promise they won't crop up again.

6:36 am, kitchen
Up early to get The Boy off to school.

6:40 am, kitchen
Making a ham sammich for The Boy's lunch.

11:00 am, bedroom
Kitty has a doctor's appointment. She is not happy about it.

11:14 am, my car
Waiting for the light to change, to make a left turn to the vet's office.

11:22 am, vet's office
Waiting for the doctor. Sorry this is blurry, I had to make sure kitty didn't jump off the table and couldn't give proper attention to the shot.

11:23 am, vet's office
"Can't we go home yet? I don't want to be here!"

11:54 am, my car
When I first moved to this neighborhood, there was a red dot sticker on the deer crossing sign. The sign down the street in the other direction had one, too. I was sad when they replaced both signs with new ones that of course did not have the stickers on them. But within a week, the stickers were back! I love it. :D

12:10 pm, kitchen
This is my crack.

12:15 pm, bedroom
"I'm not speaking to you!"

2:03 pm, living room
I just unpacked and assembled my new Dyson! Isn't it pretty?

2:10 pm, living room
But what's up with the instructions? It's mostly just pictures, hardly any WORDS! When did companies start assuming we couldn't read?

11:50 pm, living room
Time to shut down the laptop and go to bed.

Recreating a shot of my winter-wonderland. Now, with less snow! I was not able to take this at the same time as last year's shot. This one was taken at sunset, and the original was in the morning.
January 12, 2009:


Meghan said...

Oh shit. Yesterday was the 12th. I swore I was going to do 12 of 12 this month. OH WELL.

And, Dunkin Donuts. The only coffee I'll drink anymore. [total lie, I'll drink whatever I'm offered - but at home, it's all about the DD].

Love the Dyson. SEXY.

Eileen said...

The road sign reminds me of the statue of Wllington in Glasgow that always has a traffic cone on it's head. Doesn't matter how many times the council take it down, someone always puts it back up. It's a Glasgow institution.

DropEdge said...

Question: Do you make a lunch for The Boy because he prefers to take his lunch or because his school doesn't provide meals? I remember reading fiction books when I was younger wherein the school children took a lunch to school because there was no "hot lunch" provided by a cafeteria staff. In Arkansas this is unheard of; it might even be a law or something that schools have to provide lunches.

Laurie said...

Meg, yeah, I used to think it was silly when my sis would only drink Dunks...but then I got hooked, too. I swear they put something in it to hook you (besides the caffeine).

Eileen, that is WAY more awesome than my deer signs! I love it. :D

Bradi, the schools do provide a hot lunch, but The Boy is one of them there fussy eaters, so he prefers to take his lunch. On a related note, apparently when he's at his dad's house, he makes his own sammich. At my house, he wants me to make it, and he also asks me to make him other stuff he could easily get for himself. Guess he still needs to feel his mommy takes care of him?