Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So...Nathan, and Good Deeds, and Ankles

...although not necessarily in that order.

I was so flabberghasted by the news of my Dad that I never did write about the rest of my weekend.

Jake's foot has been bothering him on and off since the previous Monday. On Friday, he came home from school saying that he had been running during recess, and then his foot hurt so bad that he had to go to the nurse. And here we are on the verge of a 3 day weekend. So I called the doctor's office right away, got the machine, and explained I'd like him seen today if at all possible. If not an appointment this afternoon, then perhaps Urgent Care tonight. Received a call back at 3:30, saying they were able to squeeze us in for 4:00 (with a different doctor, as our doctor was booked up). Awesome! Jumped in the car, and slowly realized that it is not possible to drive from my home to the doctor's office in half an hour on a Friday afternoon. Arrived 10 minutes late, but it was cool. But by the time we saw the doctor, the foot in question, which 10 minutes before had slowed down our would-be rush from the car to the office, ceased to hurt. At all. Doctor manipulated the foot all around, moving it this way and that, and witnessed the boy walking, and could not witness any problem. The kind doctor did believe us though, and explained that because there are so many ligaments and what-not in the ankle, that one can sometimes twist it or turn it and injure it easily, and not even realize it. So it was very possible he had twisted it. The treatment was to give it a rest for a week or two, to which extent she wrote him a note to get out of gym class; to put an Ace bandage on it when it was sore; and no, he cannot go hiking with his father this weekend. (Dad was not happy about that.) As of this morning, the ankle is still sore, and he wore the Ace bandage to school today. We were in a hurry (as usual) this morning, and didn't have time to put the bandage on in the house, so I did it while we were out on the curb waiting for the bus. We were quite the sight.

So...Saturday, I was on my own, the boy being with his dad. I decided I really needed to go see Waitress, starring my new boyfriend, Nathan Fillion. But for some reason it was only out on limited release, and I had to drive a half hour to a town I don't know to get to a cinema that was playing it. Nathan, I will drive all day to see you! The movie was really good. Very well done. I don't think I'd really heard of Adrienne Shelly (who wrote and directed, and co-starred) until the hubbub for this movie began. But she was so adorable in this, and all I could think of was how sad it is that she was taken like she was. What a waste. And she didn't even get to see this movie come out. The movie was great. Nathan, of course, was adorable. He has the cutest smile! But beyond that, he was really good. Keri Russell, and, well, everyone, did a fine job, too. I could really identify with Keri Russell's character, too. I was in a similar situation, with the trapped-in-the-marriage-with-no-love-and-a-not-very-nice-guy-and-so-lonely-and-starved-for-love-but-afraid-to-leave. And also, before it started, there was a preview of Alan Tudyk's new movie, Death at a Funeral. Which also looks very good. Moving on now...

On Saturday, on my way to the movies, I did a Good Deed. I was driving behind a motorcycle, when the driver's jacket flew off the back of the bike. In an instant I had to decide whether to stop and get the jacket and then try to catch the driver, or just try to catch the driver to tell him. I went for the latter, figuring if I stopped I may lose him completely, and then what would I do with the jacket? I thankfully did NOT run over his jacket on my way. But, man, he was driving fast. I beeped and waved a few times, trying hard to make it sound like a friendly beep, and in no way like a I'm-a-crazy-stalker-and-of-course-you're-not-going-to-stop-for-me beep. But on he went, for a couple of miles. We were coming close to the entrance for the highway I needed to take, and also the gas station I NEEDED to stop at first, and I was afraid I was going to lose this guy. My one chance was a traffic light up ahead. God was kind enough to make the light turn red when I needed it to, and Mr. Motorcycle stopped in the left lane, and I pulled to the right and approached him:
"Excuse me!", I shouted over the engine, "you dropped your jacket!"
"Oh, shit!"
"Yeah, right before the racetrack!"
"Thanks, sweetheart. I'll go back and get it!"

And that was the rest of my weekend.

Monday, May 28, 2007

My Dad has an aneurysm and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

Went to my parents' house today for a little cook-out. My Dad has these two suspicious-looking moles on his face, and, as is my custom when I see him, I nagged him about when he's going to go to a doctor and have them looked at. My Mom says: "Oh, he's going for his MRI next month; we'll ask the doctor to look at it then." MRI? Ok, I'll bite. So I say: "Why's Dad getting an MRI?" And my Mom says: "Oh, you know...for his aneurysm".



"Oh, you knew about it. It was the same time as with the cardio-catheter and everything."

Which was in the summer of '05, folks. Oh, no. It really was not. I can assure you that NO-ONE has previously EVER, in ANY capacity, happened to mention that MY FATHER HAS A FUCKING BRAIN ANEURYSM.

I am very sure about that, because I cannot even spell aneurysm without looking it up. I can spell cardio-catheter, because I KNEW about that one, and I learned about it. NO-ONE told me about ANY fucking brain aneurysm, or I'd be able to spell it.

In any case, it is apparently a small aneurysm, the kind you go let's-give-you-an-MRI-every-year-to-make-sure-it's-still-ok, nothing-to-freak-out-over. Most definately NOT the -oh-fucking-God-I-need-brain-surgery-tomorrow kind.

But you think they could have mentioned it to me at some point.

I swear, the communication in this family is non-existant. Unfuckingbelievable.

I know just how I'll get back at them. I'll suffer from depression for over 20 years and NOT TELL THEM.

Yeah, that'll teach 'em.

Oh, wait. I already did that.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why Do I Blog?

I've been tagged by the lovely Min for a Meme: name five reasons why I blog. Hmmm...

1. I need to be able to tell someone about my day, about the little things, and the big events. When you stupidly smack your face into your car door and make it bleed -- if you've got no one to tell and have them laugh at with you, well, it's really lonely.

2. I think I'm totally plagiarizing Min here, but I really love being a part of this community.

3. Sometimes I need to vent. Sometimes I need to get out some private or mean thoughts, and sort things out, but not to people in my RL.

4. It's a way to express my personality, to let 'myself' come out. I've got all kinds of 'personal touches' on my page.

5. It's nice to get feedback. Sometimes I just need validation about how I feel or what I did. Or just plain ol' sympathy.

Now, I need to tag five more people. Please feel free to ignore if you're not in the spirit.

Jamie Marie

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's my name? *NAME ADDED*!!

My boy is getting a new kitten. (This will be at his Dad's house--I am not getting a new kitten.) She's a ragdoll. She comes home next week:

I've been asked to help think of a name for her. Which means I'm asking all of you to help think of a name for her. Any ideas?

5/25: Alas, the boy has decided on a name all on his own.

It's Gabriel. (Not Gabrielle. Yes, it's a girl.)

But I'd like to thank everyone for playing. It's been fun!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh Happy, Happy Day!

As a mother, I've been waiting for this joyous moment with eager anticipation for eleven long years...

Jacob just took the trash out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gilmore Girls

...ended last night. I am heartbroken.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Great Juggle

Today was one of those complicated days. Had to remember to pack a bagged lunch (no lunchbox) for Jake, as he had a field-trip. Remembered to sneak a little 'happy birthday' note in there, too. Traffic to work was tough. I got there on time, but not the half-hour early that I try to do, so I can get that extra half-hour's pay. Brought my VHS copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for my boss to borrow. He's never seen it! Work, itself, was not that stressful today. While there, I filled out a form for the after-school care place for the early-release day next week, wrote them a check, too. Left work at 2pm (a half-hour early) to have time to get to the market and get a gooey chocolate cake to suprise Jake for his birthday. Mailed the form and check on the way. Got home at 2:50, checked the mail. Cursed loudly that my bead order still hadn't arrived. Because I had two bracelets that absolutely, positively had to ship today. I promised people. Got the cake ready, got the presents out of their hiding places, went to meet the bus. Welcomed the birthday boy home, at 3:00. Gave him his cake and watched him open his presents. Let Jake stay home by himself as a special treat (he hates to go on errands), and drove off to the local bead store at 3:30 to get the items I needed for the two bracelets. Got home at 4:10. Made the two bracelets (oh, yeah, don't forget the earrings!) while watching a tape of today's General Hospital. Printed out packing slips and shipping labels. Assembled everything, while yelling to Jake to please get his bathing suit on under his pants and put a towel and some underwear in the duffel bag. 5:30 we set off for his swim class. Had to stop and get gas on the way, almost empty. Arrived at the pool at 5:45, just on time! I got to read my book (Gone by Jonathan Kellerman) while he had his class. Class ended at 6:30. Waited for Jake to get changed, left pool at 6:40. Drove to Bickford's for Jake's birthday dinner. Stopped at the post office on the way (it was closed, but I only needed to drop my two packages in the box out front). Arrived at Bickford's at 7:05. Had dinner (chocolate chip pancakes, sausage and chocolate milk for Jake [I am spoiling him quite rotten for his birthday, if you hadn't noticed]; steak tips and scrambled eggs and decaf for me). Finally got the check, got it paid, and left at 7:50. Did I mention that I desperately wanted to get home by 8:00 for Gilmore Girls? Made it home during the opening credits, about 8:05. Watched Gilmore Girls (next week is the series finale! *sobs*) Read my book. Just tucked Jake into bed.

Think I'll go finish my book.

So, how was your day?

Edited to add: Checked my mail. Had an inquiry from a potential customer who wanted a three-name bracelet with silver and gold. Researched gold beads. Responded to customer that I do make three-name bracelets, could easily do silver and gold, and quoted a price. (Just between you and me, three-name bracelets are not my favorite thing to do. They are good money, but the whole lining up of the three names perfectly even always turns into a LOT of work. So far I only do them as a custom order. I think about listing them as a regular item on my site, but then I think about the work involved in making them, and don't. This is why I don't make the big money; I'm afraid of a little work!)

(PS: Can someone please tell me why my answering machine is letting of one little beep every minute? Is it hungry?)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Scene from today:

Today was Jake's birthday party. Lazer tag! So the kids all had to make up code-names for their games, then we get computer printouts with everyone's scores. My sister and I were looking through the names:

Me: Wow. Who named themself, "Adolph Penguin"???
Sis: I'd be more concerned about, "Demon of Shadows"!
Me: Yeah. That's Jake.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's official

Between reading his blog on Myspace (he is a funny, funny guy--I love that!), seeing that picture of his cat kissing him on the lips, and now reading a couple interviews with him (plus, he's not hard to look at), I am now officially in love with Nathan Fillion.

Hmmm...too bad he doesn't have some kind of weekly tv show so that I can see him every week... Grr...argh!