Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Great Juggle

Today was one of those complicated days. Had to remember to pack a bagged lunch (no lunchbox) for Jake, as he had a field-trip. Remembered to sneak a little 'happy birthday' note in there, too. Traffic to work was tough. I got there on time, but not the half-hour early that I try to do, so I can get that extra half-hour's pay. Brought my VHS copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for my boss to borrow. He's never seen it! Work, itself, was not that stressful today. While there, I filled out a form for the after-school care place for the early-release day next week, wrote them a check, too. Left work at 2pm (a half-hour early) to have time to get to the market and get a gooey chocolate cake to suprise Jake for his birthday. Mailed the form and check on the way. Got home at 2:50, checked the mail. Cursed loudly that my bead order still hadn't arrived. Because I had two bracelets that absolutely, positively had to ship today. I promised people. Got the cake ready, got the presents out of their hiding places, went to meet the bus. Welcomed the birthday boy home, at 3:00. Gave him his cake and watched him open his presents. Let Jake stay home by himself as a special treat (he hates to go on errands), and drove off to the local bead store at 3:30 to get the items I needed for the two bracelets. Got home at 4:10. Made the two bracelets (oh, yeah, don't forget the earrings!) while watching a tape of today's General Hospital. Printed out packing slips and shipping labels. Assembled everything, while yelling to Jake to please get his bathing suit on under his pants and put a towel and some underwear in the duffel bag. 5:30 we set off for his swim class. Had to stop and get gas on the way, almost empty. Arrived at the pool at 5:45, just on time! I got to read my book (Gone by Jonathan Kellerman) while he had his class. Class ended at 6:30. Waited for Jake to get changed, left pool at 6:40. Drove to Bickford's for Jake's birthday dinner. Stopped at the post office on the way (it was closed, but I only needed to drop my two packages in the box out front). Arrived at Bickford's at 7:05. Had dinner (chocolate chip pancakes, sausage and chocolate milk for Jake [I am spoiling him quite rotten for his birthday, if you hadn't noticed]; steak tips and scrambled eggs and decaf for me). Finally got the check, got it paid, and left at 7:50. Did I mention that I desperately wanted to get home by 8:00 for Gilmore Girls? Made it home during the opening credits, about 8:05. Watched Gilmore Girls (next week is the series finale! *sobs*) Read my book. Just tucked Jake into bed.

Think I'll go finish my book.

So, how was your day?

Edited to add: Checked my mail. Had an inquiry from a potential customer who wanted a three-name bracelet with silver and gold. Researched gold beads. Responded to customer that I do make three-name bracelets, could easily do silver and gold, and quoted a price. (Just between you and me, three-name bracelets are not my favorite thing to do. They are good money, but the whole lining up of the three names perfectly even always turns into a LOT of work. So far I only do them as a custom order. I think about listing them as a regular item on my site, but then I think about the work involved in making them, and don't. This is why I don't make the big money; I'm afraid of a little work!)

(PS: Can someone please tell me why my answering machine is letting of one little beep every minute? Is it hungry?)


Eileen said...

Busy, busy, busy!

Anonymous said...

I'd guess the tape is either full, or the battery low?

I'm being reminded of Phoebe and the constantly beeping smoke detector, in "Friends" now though!

Busy girl indeed - take a well earned break!

Helen at work

~Sheryl said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading. And how in the hell do you find time to bead (and blog!) /jealousy.

You did good, I bet you slept like a baby!

Meghan said...

Whew! Deep breath!

One of my clients had an answering machine that would do that. I felt so bad for their dog... I figured it was like Chinese Water Torture! I have no idea why it beeped, I would just turn the volume down when I got there.

(By the way... Xander's bracelet broke the other day! I wanted to cry. Okay, I did cry. We tried to find all the beads, but half of them are still missing. It's my fault, though... I had it on my keychain so I could have with me all the time. I think that was too much stress for it. I believe I need to place an order with you, m'darling.)

jenn said...

I would think either battery being low (that is what my various electronics do) or it just wants attention.

Holy busy day, batman!