Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 of 12 - December

Wow, this time I made it through the full year of 12 of 12. :D Yay, me! Chad, I do hope you continue on with this; I enjoy it very much.

7:30 am, kitchen
Coffee, of course. This is my second cup. :D

9:10 am, backyard
My landlord. With a gas can and chainsaw. I don't know why.

9:12 am, my car
Frost on the windshield. Pretty!

9:45 am, my doctor's offices
I am FINALLY getting my swine-flu shot. (I have asthma, so the flu really messes me up.)

11:10 am, local nursery
Christmas tree hunting!

11:35 am, my car, parking lot of my building
We bagged one!

12:10 pm, living room
I had to remove the plastic netting right away, because the cat has pica and of course the first thing she tried to do was eat the netting. For 18+ years this cat has been trying to kill herself in one way or another. It's been a challenge to keep her alive!

1:25 pm, living room
My shiny new shirt!

1:30 pm, living room
One of my Christmas traditions is to listen to this CD while decorating the tree. :D

3:15 pm, living room
Our stockings are hung on the shelf, with care. We have no fireplace.

4:50 pm, living room
The finished tree.

10:55 pm, my bed
"Come to bed mommy. Now!"


Dogeared said...

Yay for a full year of 12ing! And I like your tree and stockings - very nice!

corky said...

Nicely done, thanks for sharing your day with us......

Your kitty doesn't appear to know they are 18 years old. Funny how the kitten never grows up, huh?

Chris said...

LOVE the shirt -- where did you get it??

I haven't managed to get my swine flu shot yet, either -- I didn't even manage to get the regular flu shot. Bad me ...

Nice 12!

Laurie said...

Chris, I got the shirt at a Firefly convention I went to, but you can also get it at

Bec said...

I always smile when I hear those Muppets singing "We Need a Little Christmas"!
I like your tree...and your cat too!

~Sheryl said...

Nice job Laurie. Congrats on a full year!!! I love how your 12 of 12's usually start with coffee and end with kitty. LOL


Anonymous said...
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