Monday, November 7, 2005

A step in the right direction

Last week I applied on-line at a temp agency near my home. I meant to call them to follow up, but I've been feeling crappy and haven't done it.

Just now I was looking in the yellow pages for a gift shop, and I stumbled across an ad for the temp agency I used to work for, years ago. I hadn't really considered them this time, because I live much further from them now, and really want local work. But their ad just screamed at me in bold letters, "Serving the Rte (rte very near me) & Rte (rte also very near me) areas". It seemed to be waving it's arms and yelling, "hey, you've done this before, it won't be scary, and you are MUCH more skilled than the first time! Do it! Do it!" So before I lost my nerve, I called them and set an appointment to see them tomorrow morning! I just hope I can keep my mood up.

Go, me!