Saturday, November 12, 2005


Needed to buy some clothes for my new un-unemployed state. It is with a heavy heart that I admit that I now officially have to shop the The Big Girls' Store. Example
The regular stores have bigger sizes, and they have petites, but they rarely have big sizes in petites. And I really need petites because otherwise the sleeves, neckline, waist of shirt, waist of pants and length of pants just do not work for me. A month or so ago I went to The Big Girls' Store to get 'interview' clothes, and found some really nice things there. Really nice, but a little more $$ than I'm used to spending. Anyhoo, went back there today, poured through the racks at the front half of the store twice, and was sad that I couldn't find anything I liked. Well, I did find some blouses that I liked, but they were very similar to the two blouses I'd bought the last time (and kind of pricy). I almost started to panic. If I can't find nice clothes to fit me here, where else am I going to go? Then, at the back of the store, I found a huge wall of clothes marked 40% off. And some of these were already previously marked down! Woo-hoo! I found FOUR tops, all that I like, all that fit, all suitable for work, and none too similar to what I already have. And I got all four for $56.00.

And I got a coupon for $25.00 off of a purchase of $50.00. Example
Which is fantastic, except it's only good for one particular week, a bit close to Christmas, and I HATE going to stores at that time. Way too crowded. But to get $50.00 worth of stuff for $25.00? No brainer.


Anonymous said...

Well done, sounds like a good shop!


Tom said...

The woohoo icon! Very cute. Looks like he/shes weightlifting, too. Hee.

I'd talk fashion, but... *power cut*