Monday, October 31, 2005

Don't fuck with me, or I shall write a strongly worded letter!

Update on my car situation. I got a call from Toyota Customer Service in CA the Saturday after I sent the letter. This impressed me quite a bit. The woman opened a file for me and advised me she would like to put me in touch with someone from the dealership, who was the customer service liason for that facility. I said fine. Audrey from the dealership called me last week and left a message. I just got around to calling her back now, and they have agreed to do the next tranny flush at no charge when I need it done next.

So I think that's pretty cool. I'm also a bit impressed that they agreed so quickly and didn't try to argue, since I have no actual PROOF that the fluid was never changed -- I only had the observation of the Jiffy Lube guy.

Cool beans.

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Anonymous said...

That's nice of them- and you didn't get too rude either- I just finished 4 days on reception at a car sales place and a few people with service problems were rude. Luckily I could just pass most of the crap to the service receptionist...