Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm so bored!

Talk to me.

Tell me about your day.


Anonymous said...

The only conversation I had today went as follows:

Father: Do you get depressed?
Me: *nods*
Father: Are you depressed now?
Me: *nods*
Father: The phones ringing. *walks off*
Me: *sigh*

Does this count as a conversation? Nothing else has happened today. Hee, it’s kinda funny looking back. This is encouraging me to sleep. Who knows what’s in store for me tomorrow! Hee. There’s a chance I’m delirious.

- Tom/peaks.

Annika said...

Today I fell in love with Tyler and Casey, Matt's children. Everything I could say about them is coming out in single-syllable noises, not unlike when they speak, so it isn't really fit for typing. But trust me - they are perfect. And I feel so reassured that I am ready for this mommy gig.