Friday, October 21, 2005

Wow, my 100th post!

Who'da thunk I'd have so much to say? (Granted, much of it is either rambling, pissing and moaning, or uncontrolled outbursts.)

My thoughts on the latest episode of Firefly, which I just saw for the first time. I don't know the name of the episode because I couldn't be arsed to look it up, but (I think) it's the second to last episode, and it's the one where Inara's friend from the whorehouse asks Inara for help when some ass wants to take the baby of one of her girls. SERENITY SPOILER INCLUDED, SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Given that I've seen Serenity, the scene with Zoe and Wash talking about babies is now very, very sad.
  • The exchange between Kaylee and Wash was funny: "Tell me I'm pretty..." Once, long ago, someone on the WD had this whole quote in their sig. I didn't get it at the time.
  • Jayne not wanting to help them if he wasn't getting paid, then changing his mind -- VERY funny scene.
  • Jayne wearing a nice shirt instead of his usual t-shirt -- all dressed up for them --was funny.
  • Jayne...well, every scene he did was funny.
  • Inara actually breaking down a bit when she found out about Mal and her friend was...I don't know how to describe it, but it touched me. She's a strong woman, but she still has her moment of weakness. Like us all, I guess.
  • Found out I still can't listen to 'Amazing Grace' without bursting into tears.
  • And again, since I've already seen Serenity, I was spared the shock of Inara announcing that she's leaving.


Anonymous said...

One of my first thoughts after Wash died was that Zoe will now never be able to "meet that child".

My favorite scene? The one with Mal and Nandi in bed. Of course, the fact that that is my favorite scene just surprises the hell out of everyone, I'm sure [grin].


Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna go back and watch the show after having seen the film, for getting extra things out of it.