Sunday, October 16, 2005

Funny story, semi related to WD post

There's been talk of 'something being in the water' with the WD pregnancies, especially with Annika and Meghan being so darned close. Reminds me of where I used to work:

One day, several years ago, my friend A was counting days on her calendar. Then she asked me what date the Christmas party has been on. I immediately understood: This was a 'hmm..I haven't gotten my period and I think it's late, Dear God, what have I done!' calendar count. Sure enough, 9 months after the Christmas party, came her daughter.

Five years later, five Christmas parties later. Our 20 year old not-married temp discovered she was pregnant. Oh, dear. The next week, C, another guy at work (who's wife used to work there too, and both of whom were at the party) announced that his wife was pregnant, too! Both were suprises. Everyone adjusted, our temp married her boyfriend. But for ever after we maintained that C had knocked up both women. ;)

For our remaining years at work, we'd be apprehensive about company functions. The next year's Christmas party invitation even included, "contraception with be provided". We actually did wrap a few condoms up real fancy as a joke. And when we all went to a resort for a weekend in the summer, our bosses (including A) made up gift baskets for everyone, and condoms WERE included.

Then there was the Labor Day cookout. I brought my Spinach Dip (if you're trying to conceive, I'll send you the recipe). Beth and Al (Al worked with us) were there. Beth told us how they'd been trying for 4 years to conceive, they'd been to all the specialists, she even quit her job in case the problem was stress-related. Still nothing. As she talked, Beth could not stop eating my Spinach Dip. She loved it. She asked me for the recipe and bought stuff to make more on her way home that day.

Beth turned up pregnant soon after.

Another year, another Christmas party. This year it was a potluck held at the office. I brought my spinach dip again. And Beth got pregnant again.

I have refused to make that Spinach Dip again, as it's just too dangerous. Although I guess I could make it now, because I'm quite sure you do still need to have sex, too, in order to conceive. It is a very yummy dip.


Jenn said...

I may contact you in the future.

Or possibly tell you to keep that stuff away from me. I'm really not sure yet. But good information to have, nonetheless!

Annika said...

Ooh, spinach dip sounds gooooooooood.

Anonymous said...

That's some pretty powerful spinach dip and company office punch you have there!


allison said...

I really like spinach dip. However, my version does not make you pregnant, just fat.

Podgy said...

I love spinach dip, and I love babies. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Send that recipe over!

I wonder if I feed it to the boyfriend if it make him want babies too...

Lolly said...

It's not a very fancy recipe. Very simple. I'll send it to you, Angela. But use it carefully. And I don't know if it helps someone want a baby or not.

And you too, Annika, because you can't really get pregnanter than you already are, can you? ;)

But I really can't risk the rest of you young women of childbearing age.