Saturday, October 8, 2005

My poor kitty was traumatized!

I feel like such a bad kitty mummy.

Last night the boy and I slept on the pull-out sofa-bed. I brought kitty boy up to sleep with us, and he settled on my pillows. (When in my bed, he sleeps on a pillow above my head, against the wall, no headboard.) On the sofa-bed, the sofa cushion sort of serves as a headboard, but there is a gap between the mattress and the back of the sofa, and of course the cushion is soft; so when poor kitty boy tried to lean back, he found himself slipping down instead of leaning against a solid wall (like he would in my bed). I helped him catch himself and he repositioned himself so he wasn't leaning back. The boy expressed concern that kitty would fall down in there, but I said that it wouldn't happen. Then we all fell asleep. During the night a woke up for a second, like I do a lot, and found the pillow empty. No big deal. Kitty boy gets up and leaves often during the night.

Come morning, the boy and I wake up, and the boy suddenly exclaims, "Kitty didn't leave, he fell in the sofa!" He had heard a soft meow. I pulled the top of the mattress and frame up, and sure enough, there's poor kitty boy helplessly trapped under the sofa! (With the bed pulled out, the underneath of the sofa is a big, empty area, so he didn't get squished or anything, but there's no way out!) Now, kitty boy is old and arthritic, and can't jump any more. So he sees that I've pulled the mattress up and sees the way out, but he can't get out. The boy had to go get a step stool and go in there with kitty and we both helped him out.

That poor cat. Imagine being sound asleep and suddenly finding yourself sucked into an empty vortex. And then you're just trapped for God knows how many hours! Thank God he wasn't hurt. Poor, poor, kitty boy.

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