Thursday, October 13, 2005

Holy shit, they're at it again!

Last year I watched a TLC special about an Arkansas couple who were having their FIFTEENTH baby.

I just found out they're still at it!

The Duggar Family usher in 16th baby, will welcome more

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have done it again: Michelle recently gave birth to their 16th child, Johannah. All of the Duggar children have names beginning with the letter “J.” Beth Hoyt covered the family when they were pregnant with Johannah. Jim Bob Duggar, who dabbles in politics and sells real estate, said the same thing when child 15 was born as he did about his newest addition: “We both just love children and we consider each a blessing from the Lord.”

According to the Duggar Family website, they are often asked whether they are Mormon or Catholic. They are also asked whether they are aware of how babies are made. The Duggars laugh this off with the same good cheer they express on the rest of their website. The explanation is simple: they have dedicated their lives to the Lord and they have decided that they will accept every child the Lord sends them.

The Discovery Channel plans to do another show on the Duggar family in May; their first show was extremely highly rated. TLC is already doing a show on the Duggars’ new home, which Jim Bob and his two oldest sons are building. It will have nine bedrooms and four washing machines. I hope they threw in a few dishwashers, too.


Jenn said...


That is totally messed up.



Anonymous said...

I read about them today. They truly scare me.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell...

I mean hand-me-downs wouldn't even make it onto kid 4, would they? We manage to fill a dishwasher over an entire day/maybe 2 days, and we're 4 people. They'll fill 2 just from an evening meal!

How do they afford all these kids? Blessings from the Lord I know, but the kids have to eat...

Anonymous said...

That was Callie