Saturday, September 27, 2008

New LollyBeads products

I started making these Swarovski Crystal Circle Pendants a while ago, but I've just gotten around to taking all the pictures and putting them up in my store:

There are 8 different color combinations, plus I will take requests for custom colors.

PS: How do you like my watermarks? Lie if you have to.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. I may ask hubby for one for Christmas.

allison said...

Very pretty. Can you do them in silver, too?

Angela said...

Shiny! ;-)

Seriously, very nice.

jenn said...

Verra nice. I hope you get some new orders soon as I just pimped out your site on two of my mommy boards!

Meg said...

Gorgeous. And, the new logo looks great.

By the way... I miss you.