Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am officially falling completely apart

I've been sick in bed with the flu since Wednesday night. It started out as a classic flu: fever, aches, icky nose, coughing. Then when I woke up yesterday, most of that was lessened, but my stomach hurt and my back and chest hurt on and off (it didn't seem like my heart at all, it reminded me of the pleuritic pain I had once before, an inflammation of the pleuritic cavity). I ate twice (toast and later some bagel chips) but I felt horribly nauseous after each time. My right tonsil, which was always large, was now huge and touching my throat and making me gag. My left neck gland is swollen. I literally could not sleep all night.

This morning the chest/back pain was gone and I was able to eat without feeling nauseous. I've slept a lot, to make up for last night. My tonsil is not as bad, but the neck gland is still swollen. And this morning the bottoms of my feet started itching and won't stop, and my left foot is somewhat swollen. My left eye got red and feels a little stiff as if it's swollen (I can see it in the lid a bit). My right eye is red and swollen. My gums feel a little weird. My NIPPLES and areolas are swollen! And I had some spots on my back that felt raised, so I just checked in a mirror and sure enough, there are raised, red patches on my back!


I went to the hospital. Turns out I am having an allergic reaction (don't know to what) AND I have a fungal infection (eww). I have four medications: two antihistamines, prednisone, and an antifungal.

My foot is SOOOOOOO itchy, it's all I can do not to tear it apart. I just took my first round of pills and I hope they work quickly.

Good God, when will it end?


Anonymous said...

I'm SO sorry you're itchy. That is the WORST. Well all of it is bad but I HATE itching. Fortunately my rash is burny not itchy. Otherwise I would have made a spectacle of myself at church this morning scratching my right butt cheek. (yeah I've got viral rash there too.)

Do you have cortisone cream or benadryl cream? It might help with the itchery.

Angela said...


Amanda said...

Itching is my own personal hell. Much sympathy.