Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*sigh* What am I going to do with this boy?!?

I'm just kidding. In fact, if you cannot stand shameless bragging about one's offspring, please exit this blog now.

Today I went to the parent/teacher conferences and got the boy's report card:
(click picture for larger version)

He takes his schoolwork seriously and works hard to get his grades. He is responsible and well behaved. I'm obviously very pleased.


dropedge said...

I think it's entirely okay to brag about something this momentous!

Cindy (starshine) said...

A B+? What a loser. The kid is an idiot. Really, why can't he get all A's?

You should return him and get your money back. This one is flawed.

(Seriously, tell him Congratulations! I only wish my kids were such "idiots").

Amanda said...

I remember my first semester of high school, when I had all A's except a B+ in PE. My mom reamed him out at parent/teacher conferences when he said he gave all students a low grade to get them to try harder (whether they were trying or not).

Amanda said...

And not to make this *completely* about me, tell Jake congratulations. Nice to see hard work pay off!

allison said...

*snorts at twinnie*

Seriously, this rocks!! Your boy is an obvious genius. (takes after his Mom)

Cazzle said...

Congrats, Jake! He's obviously put a lot of effort in so far this year. :)

p.s. Are you going to give him something as a reward? The grades are a great thing in and of themselves, but I am totally mercenary and LOVED that I was allowed a new toy or a special treat if I did well.

God, I make myself sound like a puppy. :-P

Lolly said...

I keep it simple. I pay him in cash. He likes cash.

Meghan said...

Rock. On. Jake.

Anonymous said...

I smell a genetic link in here somewhere...awesome Mom...awesome kid.