Friday, November 7, 2008

Is it just me, or is the Buffy board not working?

I mean the temp board, of course.



jenn said...

Ahhh-hahahahaaa! I just came over here to leave you a note asking if the temp boards weren't working!!

(I'm not laughing because they aren't working, I'm laughing because YOU ARE MY GIRL TO GO TO!)


In other news, I miss testing.


Lolly said...


Actually, I like that you're in my brain. :)

At least we all have each others' blogs when the WD is down. But I miss it, too.

Jess said...

It's not just either of you. (I thought I'd clear that up, since apparently you share a brain and might be wanting an outside opinion.)

Cindy (starshine) said...

It seems it's not just the board, it's the whole site as I can't even get to


Lolly said...

Well, we can hang out here if you'd like. Want me to order some pizzas?

dropedge said...

Huh. That's some handy information that would have kept me from crying about two hours ago. I bought a new computer tonight, and I've been trying to set up the cable modem and then the wireless. I couldn't get to BG no matter what I did, though, and I was convinced it was my own ineptitude.

In other news, new computer!