Monday, November 10, 2008


Did some housecleaning today. Then my friend Ericka came over to watch a movie. (You didn't really think I'd clean the house for no reason, did you?) We had quite a bit of girl talk (she's got some interesting changes going on in her life), then watched Memento, which I haven't seen in eleventy thousand years, and she's never seen. Got a pizza, drank a little vodka. The only thing I really had for a mixer was V8 Fusion juice, you know, the kind that mixes fruit and vegetable juices and counts as a serving of fruits and a serving of vegetables. So I convinced Ericka that it was a healthy drink when you add vodka, and that was fine with her.

And I got some knitting done:

I'm really excited. I can knit!!


jenn said...



Cazzle said...

That is gorgeous! (I happen to also be knitting a red scarf with a moss/seed stitch border at the moment.) You really can knit! Nice job, pretty lady.

p.s. You're right - that's a totally healthy drink! ;)

Amanda said...

That looks like the baby blanket I'm making! :) I like the color.