Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ok, fine. I give in!

It's 27 degrees out (F). I finally relented and turned on the heat for the first time this season.


Meghan said...

Seriously? You're a madwoman.

That Girl said...

Wow, you are not like me. I've been running the heat since August.

(I lie. But I sure as hell could never hold out until the 20s. I'm very picky about the temperature of my home. This does get expensive. Luckily, sobbing over the bills raises my body temperature.)

jenn said...

We have ours on too. But just for the baby.

(ps, I have a question on my blog that I think you would have some key insight into)

Jess said...

Something is wrong with you if you're holding out until after we do in Texas! (Well, only a couple of days where we turned on the heat in the house, but I have been needing my car heater a LOT, and snuggling under blankets while I'm at home.)

Cazzle said...

That's MINUS 2 DEGREES. You are so brave.

I have had mine on for ages, but in my defence I am still recovering from the op, and therefore have been wearing pajamas for the last almost-three weeks.

Global warming? What golbal warming? *shivers*

Lolly said...

I usually only try to hold out until some time in October. Either it's been unseasonably warm until now, or I've simply lost my mind. Not sure which.