Sunday, July 1, 2007


My brother-in-law, after 19 years of marriage and three children, has decided that he's 'not happy', and has left my sister. And, oh yeah, he got fired from his job, too, for being a total fucktard there. Now my sister, after being with this man for over 20 years, is left alone to find a job, sell their house, find an apartment and pack up and move with her three children and the dog. Never mind what the news of their dad leaving is doing to the hearts of my niece and nephews.

Goddamn fucker.


Annika said...

Wow. I am (nearly) speechless.

And to think, I was just recently wondering if mid-life crises had gone out of style. APPARENTLY NOT.

Eileen said...

I'm so sorry for your sister and her family.

allison said...

That sucks so much. I will be thinking of your sister and her family.

Meghan said...

That's horrible. I'm heartsick for your sister, Laurie.

Oh, and... Karma's going to get that fucker.

CosmicAvatar said...

Oh, your poor sister.