Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sharkboy lives!

The Boy is overdue at the dentist's for a cleaning. Also, he now has four new teeth growing in, but the four original teeth did not feel that was any kind of reason to leave -- they have just kind of moved aside. So he's now got rows of teeth going on.

For some reason, God does not want The Boy to go to the dentist. When he had his last cleaning (last winter!), I made an appointment for July. And then it turned out that was the week he'd be away for Scout Camp. So I called to change the appointment. But that one was a Bad Idea because it was a Monday in summer, when I really cannot take off of work. So I called to change it, to this coming Friday. But now The Boy's father tells me that The Boy will be spending a few days with his grandparents then. So I called to change the appointment, to the next Friday. And I got clearance from my boss to leave early that day. But now I've just gotten a notice from The Boy's summer day camp that the field trip that they had planned for that Thursday, is now moved to that Friday. So if The Boy goes to day camp that day (which, you know, he has to do if I'm going to go to work), he will be at Fenway Park all day, and quite unable to be picked up in the afternoon to go to the dentist.

Why does God not want The Boy to go to the dentist?

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean even God is reticent about dental visits?