Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm at work (in the summer we have to work some weekends as it is our 'peak' season) until 1pm today.

The Boy just called.

Boy Scout Camp just ended, and he and his dad are in the car, heading home. They're still in New Hampshire, have to drive down to the grandparents' house to pick up his cat Gabriel (who, incidently, does not actually look like Bill the Cat), then back to dad's house. And my boy missed me and HAD to call me NOW. He had a great time: he shot a rifle, 15 bullets, eleven of which hit the target. Shooting a rifle is better than archery, TV and video games combined (yeah...f'ing great, huh?); the bathroom was filthy, the shower was filthy, the cot was a joke, and he will be very happy to get back to his home and his bed and clean bathroom and clean clothes. And one of his friends got bit by a poisonous spider and had to go to hospital (!!), but was treated and came back to camp. And he missed me and thought of me and Gabriel every day and can't wait to see me today! And we're going to go see Harry Potter tonight!!

I've missed him SOOOOOOOOOO much. And now I'm so happy and excited that I want to cry!!!

EDIT: Boy is home. He looks to be about eleventy inches taller, and very, very tanned. The dad tells me that Boy has been wearing the same shirt since Wednesday, claiming that he couldn't find another. Ironically, it's a Tshirt that reads: SAME SHIRT, DIFFERENT DAY. So at least it was accurate.


jenn said...

Okay, that shirt thing is TOO FUNNY!


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, don't worry to much about the boy liking shooting guns to much. One year, we got Zach a BB gun for Christmas, the following year we got him an archery set. I finally asked if we were going to have to get him a rocket launcher next. Both my boys shoot at soda cans/bottles and milk bottles with rifles, BB guns and pellet guns. At ages 17 and 19, neither of them has EVER shot at an animal or any other living thing. Not that I'm opposed to hunting personally (in fact, I'm always trying to find new sources for venison in the Fall) but I could never shoot an animal myself and apparently, neither can my boys. (I like to target shoot sometimes too). Just encourage the inanimate objects for targets if he insists on continuing with shooting weapons.


Meghan said...

I'm so glad your wee man is back!! Li'l stinker, I bet he was happy to get back to mom's love and clean clothes! So, did you guys like Harry Potter?

Also, I'm SO stealing your Bill the Cat icon.

CosmicAvatar said...

Yay! I'm glad you're so happy.