Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So...this week

Went to the wake on Friday night. And the funeral Saturday. A funeral for a 16 year old sucks quite as much as one would imagine it would. One of his classmates gave the eulogy, and was amazing. He spoke so well of Matt, made everyone laugh, and cry. And had such composure. Surely I could never do so well a job, and I'm more than twice that boy's age.

In other news, the Boy is off on a Boy Scout camping trip. All week. Since Saturday. I miss him!!! But the Boy's dad called me tonight to give me an update (Dad is an assistant scout leader, and is on the trip, too). Boy is getting along well, some of the other 'first year' boys have cried because they are homesick. Not the Boy, though. (Of course, his Dad being there might be helping there, huh?) He is eating well and sleeping well, not doing so well in archery, but well in rifle shooting. I KNOW--My kid is shooting guns!! *sigh* I don't quite like that. Fuckin' Boy Scouts.

In any case, he will be home Saturday. And I SO can't wait to go see Harry Potter with him on Sunday!


Jess said...

Damn, what an endurance test. And I'm sure that having your own boy away from home isn't helping. Cuddle him extra hard when he comes home.

Meghan said...

I agree with Jess. What an awful time to have J away. But, it'll be awesome to go see HP with him when he gets back. That's one of the things I'm really looking forward to when Xan gets older!

See, now I really wish you were here. Move and packing be damned.

Lolly said...

Yeah, it would have been nice. But I'll make it some other time!

CosmicAvatar said...

I'm glad the Boy is enjoying himself, at least.

Being in the UK, I can't imagine Boy Scouts with guns. It's a weird image. With a chipmunk, for some reason. O...kay.

Funerals suck. You're right there. But when someone can sum up a life as well as this boy seems to have done, then it does make it a little better.

allison said...

Oh, I shot guns at my summer camp and totally loved it! Was pretty good, too. But I still grew up to be an NRA-hatin' Liberal, so there's hope. :-)

allison said...

And a hug, too. I know how hard a wake for a young person can be, especially when you can't come home and hug your own and shed a tear.