Thursday, February 1, 2007

So...the new version of Blogger

I am far too tired to research this. I am hoping that some of you loverlies out there in Blogger-land who have made the change can help provide me with some info about this. Such as:

Do I want to switch over? Will I be made to switch over? Why is it better? How is it not as good?

In a nutshell: do I want this, and why or why not?

Thanks muchly for any input.



Anonymous said...

I think when Jenn switched to Wordpress she said she wouldn't have been able to import her archives if she'd switched (am I making that up?) so if you're thinking of moving to your own website that might be a consideration.

Amanda said...

I think the only thing that annoys me is that I have trouble logging in to Blogger from the "leave your comment" screen, so I have to go back the blogger site, log in, find the blog where I wanted to leave a comment, and then leave my comment. But I might be the only one that happens to. Are they even going to support old blogger anymore?

You found BrownQuotes, too! Awesome.

just me said...

The labels are cute, but not a necessity. I do like how if you wanted to, you could make your blog private and you'd have to add someone to your list for them to be able to read it. Even though I don't really have to do that because I only have like 3 readers!

jenn said...

Yes, my dear annika is totally right. Wordpress does not yet have the stuff in place to import from the new blogger so if I had switched over before trying to go to my own website (where I wanted to use wordpress) I would have lost my blog at least until wordpress got the new software or whatever.

This is all I have to offer :)