Friday, February 16, 2007

Look what I just received!

A 2007 Fold-a-Day Origami Calendar!

It's a (very late) Christmas gift from my friend Marlene at work. Apparently she'd had to do some seriously quick tidying before Christmas and then couldn't find where she'd tucked this away. Today is her last day*, so she made the effort to find it for me before she was gone. I yuv it. I can now go origami crazy to make up for that month and a half that I'm behind. But something tells me my boss won't like that! (I can't fold paper and type at the same time.) I am absolutely delighted by it.

*In much sadder news, today is Marlene's last day. Not by her choice. She started here two Novembers ago, right after me. But she's still a temp. And now we're back into our 'slow' season, and they just can't keep her. She can get another assignment from the temp agency, so she'll have work. But we all love her here and are so sad to see her go. And she is too. She doesn't know it yet, but we've all got little presents and goodies and a card and stuff to suprise her with. Party should be commencing in about 20 minutes.

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