Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today Jake and I went to the New England Aquarium in Boston. Did I ever mention that I don't drive in Boston? But dude...they were having a special penguin exhibit. So I mustered up my courage and off we went!

African Penguins. See the kissy-faces?


Like cats, peguins like to assume the 'meatloaf position'.

Jake gets to touch a starfish.



More jellies!


Hey, how'd that Rockhopper get over there with the African penguins?

Little Blue penguins, aka Fairy Penguins!

Again, in the meatloaf position.

All along the way, we stopped to get our penguin passports stamped.

Then we stopped at the IMAX 3-D theater for a movie about lions.

Then off to the giftshop. What did I get? Why, a coffee mug, of course!

And a little friend for the office.

And a fairy penguin.

Jake got a shark's tooth.
(Lest you start to think: "No fairsies! The poor kid
only got one thing, and mom got a bunch?!"
Let me just tell you that this ONE shark's tooth cost
more than all of my stuff combined!)

And I also got this sweet little charm.

And, as is our custom wherever we go, we squashed some pennies.
See the Lincoln Memorial across the penguins? Neat.

We had ourselves a very good time, and I even got us home safe and sound. Woo hoo!


Meghan said...

Eeeek!! Penguins!! I love penguins!!

And, I love all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm very, very jealous. You're taking the cool trips and getting the cool coffee mugs and have the cool hair and the cool son. (Did I tell you that he inspired me to be a Cereal Killer for Halloween? It was awesome.)

Anonymous said...

Oh I like the idea of squashing pennies!

Helen (at work)

Amanda said...

How awesome!

Jenn said...

Awesome pictures! How fun!

Angela said...

Very, very cool.

I love the squashed pennies.