Wednesday, February 21, 2007


is feeling much better today. Thank you all for your well wishing. He's still a bit nauseous, but the fever is gone. He was dizzy earlier but I'm sure that's from lack of food. This morning he ate two pieces of dry toast. Then he actually got dressed and we ventured out to the library to return his two books. (They were due yesterday. Oops.) Then we stopped at Shaw's because he wants food now but we don't have much for bland food in the house. We got more jello and some bananas. And he ate a jelly sandwich for lunch. He's not 100% yet, but much better than yesterday.

Oh, yeah. And I should probably mention that the most likely reason I was suddenly overcome with the need to pierce my ears is that I've had earrings on the brain lately, because I've been making them. I'm excited about them. They are so much prettier in person than I can capture in a picture.

The ironic part is that I can't wear any of them, myself. Even now that I actually have pierced ears. As I'd said before, my ears were pierced previously. But they are apparently very sensitive and for years they just got infected again and again, no matter what kind of earring I wore. So I eventually let them close up. BUT, now that I am, again, in a pierced state of being, I've ordered some nickel-free, hypoallergenic findings, and plan on making some smashing earrings for myself. I really hope they work. I can't wait for the findings to arrive so I can get started. And I can't wait for my ears to heal so I can wear them!


Angela said...

Glad to hear the boy is feeling better.

Those are some seriously pretty earrings!

Meghan said...

Yes... so glad Jake is over the nasties.

As for my ears, my main holes don't get infected if I wear silver earings, but my second holes are much more sensitive (bizarre, I know). My belly piercing closed up the first time I got it (it got SO infected), but the second time it's been great.

So, here's to second-time-around piercings!

Jenn said...

I have to be very careful what earrings I wear. I have a nice pair of silver hoops that are my standard, and I can't wear anything too nifty or crafty or I'll be infected-girl.

But yeah, gold and platinum are good :)