Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok, so, I'm having company tonight. My friend Ericka is coming over for Movie Night. We are going to watch Slither (which she's never seen), and I figured I'd introduce her to Dr. Horrible, as well. I woke up really late today (I've had insomnia), and have been working on cleaning and putting away the whole quilt-making-mess, etc. (The quilt is done! Post to come later.) And I HAD to get a nursing necklace made to ship today. Part of the plan was to get out of the house at 4pm to go grocery shopping and mail the necklace. But when 4pm came, a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was announced on the local news. Hmmm...ok, I can work with that. It should be over by 5 or maybe even 4:30, and I'll run out then, and still be home before 6. But now...wait for it...they've announced a TORNADO warning. Really? WTF? We just don't GET tornados here. Hurricanes, sometimes, but not tornados. But, today, we may very well be having a tornado. So I'm staying home. The sky is really dark, and it's raining with thunder and lightning. People are already in their cars for the evening commute. I hope people who have not left work yet have the sense to stay put, and the ones already on the road get home quickly.

And I have a very limited view of the outside from my apartment windows. Will I even know if something's coming?

And more importantly, will Ericka still be able to come over tonight? Eep.

EDIT: Ok, the Tornado Warning has been cancelled. We've still got serious rain and thunder and lightning, but maybe it's going to let up soon.


DropEdge said...

I'm glad you didn't go out in it. Tornadoes always look really cool until they're right in front of you. We once found my friend's dishwasher 2.5 miles away from her house. That put things in perspective for me.

allison said...

The weather is freakin' crazy lately. I blame Bush.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that you don't need to see if a tornado is coming. My mom said it sounds just like a freight train.

I've had insomnia too. So, if you find yourself awake at 3 am tonight/tomrrow send me an email...we'll chat.

Amanda said...

What?? Doesn't everyone just ignore those things?