Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Denim Quilt

I got the idea of making this denim quilt from this article. As soon as I saw it, I loved it! And the directions were well written and easy to understand.

Although some parts of this project were a little more tedious than others (cutting circles, pinning!), all in all, I enjoy sewing and I really enjoyed making this.

And even though the directions warned me that it would be heavy, I decided to make it about 85" x 90". And, good Lord, it is the heaviest blanket, ever!! Jake used it for a couple of nights, and rated it a two thumbs up. Then I was resting on the sofa with it, and got so sleepy, I couldn't get up. I think it's the Magic Blanket of Sleep. I really like it.



Winnie the Pooh - this was one of Jake's receiving blankets.

I decided to experiment with a shape, and got this butterfly.



Annika said...

That is seriously the most gorgeous quilt I have ever seen!

Dogeared said...

It's beautiful! Maybe one day I'll make something like that *sigh*

Amanda said...

It's bee-yoo-ti-ful!

jenn said...

ohmygod, that is amazing! Well done!!

~Sheryl said...

Laurie, that is amazing. And the special meaning it will always hold for you is too cool.

I love it!!

Angela said...

So stunning! You did a wonderful job.

Carol VR said...

Did you use stuffing or batting???

Lolly said...

Nope, no stuffing batting. The denim makes it very heavy and I didn't want to add more weight or bulk to it. You could put batting behind the flannel squares if wanted, though.