Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bon Jovi Fever

Yep, they were in Boston again. And I went to see them again. The boy, my sis and I took the train near sis' house right into North Station, and the Garden is right there. Great show, as usual. I monkeyed around with my camera's video setting a few times, and here's what I got (be gentle, it's my first time):

Keep the Faith:

Note the end of this one, when the picture gets obstructed, and I abruptly put the camera down and shut it off. Here's the inside of my brain right then: "Hey, what the Hell is that in my way?!? Oh, it's a badge. A badge? Yes, it's the badge of the security officer, and look, he's giving me a really dirty look while I illegally take video of the concert! Fuck, I'd better put this away now!!!!"

Raise Your Hands:

This is just a small snippet, from my seat on the side I had a great view of the audience, and the interaction between them and Jon was cool.

We Got It Goin' On:

I had been a bit disappointed with the seats we got, but we did get some close views anyway! :D


Anonymous said...

Well this was an exciting way to start my Saturday morning.

Meghan said...


So... how did The Boy like the concert?