Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Serious Unagi

Jake and I have this mental connection. We really 'get' each other, and can even sometimes finish each others sentences. We call this 'unagi', after Ross' concept in Friends:

So, today Jake and I had some serious unagi going on:

Me (having just gone to the outside door to the building to find a UPS notice, and being a bit pissed because we've been home all day): Jake, did the doorbell ring today?

Jake (his mouth stuffed full of the snack cake I gave him, and unable to speak): *holds up three fingers*

Me: It rang three times?

Jake: *nods his head*

Me: When?

Jake: *points toward the wall in front of him*

Me: When I was in the shower? (Because on the other side of that wall is the hall, and then the bathroom.)

Jake: *nods his head*

Me: Ok, thanks. Shoot, I wish I didn't miss it.

Jake: *waves his hand very animatedly*

Me: What? 'Go away, Mom, I'm trying to listen to YouTube here?'

Jake: *nods his head and gives me a thumbs up*

I love that kid.


Anonymous said...

This story cracked me up...and is the opposite of what gets said in my house which is usually to one teen or the other, "you have to tell me these things, I'm not a frackin' mind reader."

Annika said...