Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Camera-savvy people, I need a little help, please

So, the Bon Jovi concert is coming up. I am bringing my camera, but a flash is not allowed. Please tell me the best settings to use.

Thank you!!


Dogeared said...

Ah, if I knew that stuff, I'd be taking better photos myself [doh].

My suggestion? Bribe the boy, and take photos of him in your house, with the lights out.

Yes, what I lack in reading-the-manual-or-camera-books, I make up for in experimenting and "Ooh, what's this button do?"-ness [doh].

jenn said...

I think you want the CLOSE UP SETTING!

You know, nice and close. Up.

Meghan said...

How high does your ISO go? Set it as high as possible!