Saturday, February 16, 2008

Because the URL won't fit in a comment

In response to Bradi:

Buffyguide, the Cafepress store! (C'mon...I can't be the only one who knew about this?)

I also have this and this. All the cool kids have them.

And Spicy Ginger Turkey:

2 lb ground turkey
1 can mushrooms (4g)
1/8 C red bell pepper (2g)
1/8 C onion (3g)
2 stalks celery (2.5g)
1 C chicken broth
2 T soy sauce (2g)
1 T rice wine vinegar
2 t fresh ginger (0.5g)
1 t fresh garlic (0.5g)
cayenne pepper to taste

Brown turkey and drain. Saute vegetables. Add turkey back to pan. Add garlic and ginger. Stir and heat all well. Mix chicken broth with remaining ingredients. (If you can have corn starch, I would recommend stirring about a teaspoon or two of it into the broth mixture before adding it to the pan.) Add to pan, stir until boiling. Maybe simmer for a few minutes.

Makes a gianormous batch, you can eat if for days. 14.5 carbs total

Disclaimer: This is my own concoction. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the carb counts, and you should be aware that I very rarely measure anything, so I doubt any of the amounts are exactly, exactly accurate. And if you're not specifically watching carbs, you can certainly add more veggies!

Now I want this!


Anonymous said...

Granted, I frequently describe myself as "out of the loop." That said, I had zero knowledge of the CafePress WD-oriented stuff. Hooray!

Thank you so much for the recipe. This seems to be perfectly in line with the way I'm trying to eat now, and I actually have all the ingredients on hand; in fact, I put a package of frozen ground turkey in the fridge to defrost tonight with no idea as to how I was going to prepare it.

Thus far, my new approach to food consumption has been wildly successful (I dropped eight pounds this week!) -- and I feel awesome. It seems that you and Allison and I are on similar paths and of similar mind about this healthier eating/potential weight loss thing. I have a couple of flavorful, healthy recipes I'd love to share with the two of you, so I'll PM you in the next couple of days if you don't mind.

Lolly said...

8 pounds! That's awesome. :D

I look forward to the PM!