Sunday, October 7, 2007


The Boy is doing much better. He hasn't had a fever since Friday. He's been able to fall asleep and stay asleep every night. His chest muscles stopped hurting yesterday. Ice cream and video games will cure anything, I tell you. Oh, and the meds, of course. I don't think it's teh Plague. I think it's just the Croup.

So far, we've watched Logan's Run, Death Race 2000, and Soylent Green. (I decided I needed to see these after reading last week a Top 50 list of Distopic Movies...and now I see that there's a meme borne out of it!) We also have Equilibrium, that I hope we will get to today.

I went to the school on Friday to pick up his homework. So today he will need to do some school work so he doesn't fall too far behind.

Tomorrow is a school holiday but I have to go to work. Before he got sick we were planning on leaving him home alone for the day. But now my parents are coming tonight to watch him tomorrow while I'm at work. Truth be told, I think he's well enough now to stay alone anyway. But it will be nice to have them visit.

I think.


CosmicAvatar said...

I'm sorry I have been a bad blogspot stalker recently and didn't realize the Boy was in dire straits, but good to see he is on the mend now.

The Bears said...

We've been hibernating the last couple months, and didn't know the Boy was sick. We're glad to hear he's doing better.

Many Bears hugs to both you and the Boy.