Saturday, October 27, 2007

King Richard's Faire

Last Saturday The Boy and I went. I'd been a few times back in the day when I was married. I think we may have even brought the The Boy once, back when he was The Baby. (And The Boy went once with his dad, maybe 4 or 5 years ago.)

Anyway, we went, and had a grand time. I don't have any pictures, because my camera decided it didn't want to work that day. We went on several rides, which I never would have thought to go on if Jake hadn't been with me and wanted to go, and had a lot of fun on them. Jake marveled at how they made rides without electricity or technology. I thought that was pretty observant of him. We watched two jousting tournaments, which were obviously staged, but still great fun. I had a field day looking at Things To Put In My Hair. I bought a flowered garland, and embarrassed the boy by wearing it all day. I also bought some hair sticks. There were sooooooo many displayed and they were all so beautiful, it took me forever to pick which ones I wanted. I loved them so much that I spent much of this past week trolling the internet, looking for supplies to make my own to sell on Lollybeads.

I also saw these really beautiful hair wraps, similar to
I didn't buy them, because there's only so much I can spend on my hair in one day, but I found the merchant's web site, and I can get them any time I please!

I also got Jake a way-too-expensive-for-what-it-is wooden, painted sword, because a boy can never have too many swords, and, well, his mom had already spent so much money on herself that there was really no way to tell him 'no'.

I wore my "Joss Whedon Is My Master Now" shirt, and I got so many compliments on it! Apparently the Renaissance Faire is where all 'my peeps' congregate.

Cool beans.


Meghan said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!

I just looked up the RenFaire here in NC... and it's all the way down in Charlotte. Ugh. That's about a two and a half hour drive, which isn't so bad for a long weekend, but it's a bit much for the day. *le sigh*

In any case, I'm glad you guys had such a great time. And, I LOVE those hair wraps. I want to see the ones you got at the faire. When your camera is back in action - pictures please!

Annika said...

When I had long hair I used pretty chopsticks as hairsticks. Very economical.

I'm not sure what sort of supplies you'd need, but you might try Beyond Beadery. They used to have a retail shop in Woodstock and they carried EVERYTHING. And Betsey is super-awesome.