Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update #4

Saw the doctor again this morning. Got two shots. He noticed my right hand is swollen. I hadn't noticed.

The next step is the nerve conduction test on Nov. 5.

And here's the email that I just shot off:

Hi [Head of Human Resources],
Since early September, I have been being treated for shoulder and neck problems, and hand numbness. These problems are stemming from poor posture at my workstation. My job entails typing all day, and as I am short, I find that the keyboard is too high for me and forces me to reach at a bad angle to do my job. More than a month ago, I requested through my supervisor, a keyboard tray that would install under my desk to hold my keyboard and mouse in a lower position, which will allow me to do my work in the correct posture. My supervisor has taken my repeated requests to his superiors, but for some reason I am being met with resistance. The only explanation I have received so far is that if they get me one, they have to get everyone one. This makes no sense to me, because the majority of the employees here are taller than me, and I'm sure the majority can type comfortably with their keyboards where they presently are. (Furthermore, if other employees are in need of the same tray, then shouldn't they get them?)

I have been more than patient. Each week I ask my supervisor if there is any news, and each time he has no answers for me. Every day that I continue to work in this posture is hindering my recovery, as well as continuing to cause further injury. My productivity has suffered, and I have missed work for numerous doctors’ appointments. I have also had to pay more than $200.00 so far on doctor’s visits and medications. I feel that my request is very reasonable and should have been quite a minor issue, but over the past month, has become a major one for me.

I am shocked at the lack of concern that this company has shown toward me. In fact, as I type this, I can hear much activity in the conference room next to my cubicle, as tomorrow's Halloween party is being prepared for. I wonder how much time and money is being put into this frivolous event, while I am being refused a simple $30.00 piece of equipment that will greatly improve my health.

Two days ago I did receive an ergonomic keyboard, as part of a "test" to see if these will benefit the employees overall. It does put my wrists in a better position, but as I still need to reach up to type, it does not alleviate my problems.

I would like for you to please review this situation as soon as possible. I need a keyboard tray to be installed as soon as possible. I have received a letter from my doctor stressing my need for this tray, and can provide it to you.

My doctor has also advised me to get an Ergonomic Evaluation. If you can advise me on how to go about that, I would appreciate it.

[pissed off mouse]


jenn said...

If that doesn't work, try wacking them with the ergonomic keyboard and see if that makes a difference.


Meghan said...

Excellent e-mail.

You are so too good for that job... and all the pain it's causing you.

Amanda said...

Nice. Hopefully that will do the trick. If it doesn't, next threaten to call OSHA. No one wants an OSHA inspection.

Eileen said...

WHat a palaver! You wouldn't think it'd be so difficult, would you?