Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bad Attitude...I Has It

So, I'm speaking writing to you from my new ergonomic keyboard. I got it yesterday. I am something quite less than enthusiastic about it. I emailed my supervisor last week asking if there was any news on my requests for the keyboard tray and keyboard, and I didn't get an answer. So I emailed him again yesterday morning, and then spent the rest of the day getting angrier and angrier that they won't get me my fucking keyboard tray. I am really starting to feel like they don't give a shit about me, and why should I bust my ass for this company when they obviously don't give a shit if my fucking arm falls off. I had also left a message at the rheumitologist's office last week asking if they would provide me with a note stating that given my condition, the keyboard drawer would be very beneficial to me. And I hadn't heard back from them, either. So yesterday was just a pissed off, frustrating day for me. Then they gave me the keyboard, and I think they thought I'd be thrilled. But I'm really not. Because I AM STILL REACHING TOO HIGH TO TYPE AND USE THE MOUSE. This fucking keyboard is not going to help me without the fucking tray I need! If anything, it's a little harder, because the upward curve of this keyboard makes me have to reach even more. And to top it off, my doctor called me about 10 minutes after I got the keyboard, and seemed very resistant to writing the note. I had to practially beg him. So I was in a royally pissed off, frustrated mood yesterday.

Here's my wallpaper on my work PC:

And also, sorry this is so pissy and bitchy. I may very well delete this later.

PS: I've been here for an hour now and haven't actually done any work yet.


Jess said...

I realise this doesn't help your arms and elbows, but if the keyboard you ended up with is actually the same as the one in the picture you posted the other day, it should come with a platform that raises it at the front, so at least your wrists are in the right position--higher than your fingers and not forcing you to reach up to the keys.

You should definitely keep pushing for the keyboard tray, too.

Lolly said...

It did come with the platform, but that made it even higher, which made me have to distort my arms even more. I had to take it off.

Lolly said...
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Angela said...


allison said...

Well, it is obvious that you need to file a workman's compensation claim for all the pain (and medical expenses) you are experiencing. Just watch them jump then!

jenn said...

Um, as an American can't you just sue them?



Don't give up on this. Your health is worth being bitchy over.