Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I NEVER thought this would be a mother-son activity

Today, my boy and I waxed our eyebrows together.

He'd been complaining about the unibrow he's developing. So I offered to wax it for him, and he readily agreed. While I heated the wax up, I realized I'm way overdue for my own eyebrows. Plus, I thought it would be easier for him if he saw me do it first. So I did mine. Then I applied the wax between his brows, and he ripped it off.

It was such a bonding experience. ;)


Min said...


I've never waxed my own eyebrows. I'm always afraid I'll take off too much or something.

Anonymous said...

Life is much simpler when you can clearly see the problem and ask your/a mother to rip it off.

You once recommended bioré pore strips to me, and my ripped off blackheads are eternally grateful.

- tom/peaks

CosmicAvatar said...


I have no need to wax my eyebrows. I'm holding on to as much of them as I can! But the rest of me... *shudder*

Angela said...

Eyebrows are nothing. I have a friend who gets his wife to wax his back and chest.

Anonymous said...

Now that's some quality time!

You know, my daddy bought me my first Diva Cup. We reminisced about it over lunch today...